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LAUTECH: The Joint Business Gone Terrible | By Adebayo Mabayoje



The ownership of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, has always been a source of conflict between the two-owner states, Oyo and Osun, especially after the latter established her own, Osun State University or UNIOSUN. The government of Oyo State wants Osun to transfer full ownership of the University to it while the other party disagrees. This conflict grew intense in 2010 under ex-Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala of Oyo State and the Osun State counterpart, Olagunsoye Oyinlola.


The feud, which was resolved eventually after series of intervention by notable political icons and the National Universities Commission, has been recurrent at the emergence of every new government even when the governors share political membership.


The feud is usually sparked off by arguments about financial responsibilities. Both owners have pointed fingers at each other regarding failure to meet up to provision of grants and other financial roles to the school. However, available records show that between 2011 and 2019 Osun Government has committed up to 26b Naira, as against Oyo’s 4b Naira, as statutory subvention to the LAUTECH.

This is even as most of the University’s teaching and research structures, as well as the administration are situated in, and run from Ogbomoso, including the central administration of the University.

The implication of this is that the “gown-to-town” benefits of LAUTECH are mostly to the full advantage of the Oyo State Government, and specifically by the Ogbomoso town. Medium estate business flourishes in the town close to three decades running because of the fact that all the campuses of LAUTECH, but one, are established in Ogbomoso town.

The town situates seven faculties and the Post-graduate school of LAUTECH, where courses are taught in various fields of pure and applied science, medicine, agriculture, engineering and technology, environmental science. At least 300 administrative staff and more than 25,000 students of the school pay rents to house owners in Ogbomoso annually . In turn, these estate business operators pay taxes and levies, which adds to the revenues of the Oyo State Government monthly and annually.

Only the College of Health Science campus of LAUTECH is located in Osogbo, Osun State. It houses the 3-years clinical study for MBBS, Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing students which are just about a thousand.

Distastefully, a part of this lone structure of the institution is taken out of Osun state and is established in Ogbomoso. Specifically, the Pre-clinical years of study of the courses in the College of Health Science hold at the main campus in Ogbomoso.

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When General Emilio Mola was leading four columns of troops towards Madrid during the 1936-1939 Spanish civil war, he declared that he had a “fifth column” inside the city. At that time, observers of the feud surrounding LAUTECH were not in existence. However, today, they appreciate how General Mola’s use of the expression, “fifth columnist”, best describes the undermining tendencies of some people, which have regularly surfaced almost at the beginning of new administration(s) in Osun and Oyo States with respect to the joint ownership of LAUTECH.


A plausible idea is that some overt or clandestine actions and activities of some partisan groups are aimed at ensuring that the objective of the founding fathers. regarding the joint ownership of LAUTECH is thwarted. This would be so where these fifth columnists are being tempted by what opinion moulders refer to as “structure reality”.


As opposed to the joint ownership idea which is mutually held and operated cognitively, the “structure reality” of the matter of LAUTECH ownership is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent of the buildings and structural facilities and management of the University, all of which are situated in Ogbomoso, Oyo State. According to this school of thought, such is the temptation factor by which the fifth columnists are being encouraged. The plan is to frustrate the other party, the Osun State Government, whose stake, infrastructure wise, is almost nothing.


It is thus reasonable to put into perspectives, what the stake looks like for the Osun State government. Only one, out of the entire structure of the university, is situated in Osun state. In the same vein, more than 90 per cent of the students and staff population of the school, fall in the Oyo State divide.


And going by the records of the financial commitments of the governments of the two states between 2011-2019, Osun government could be said to have more unnecessarily deployed resources to the joint-ownership course. This is, more so, with respect to the paltry 4b Naira subvention records of the Oyo State counterpart against the Osun’s contributions so far.

The 26b Naira subvention record that the Osun government committed within the periods would have made gargantuan impacts if such funds were deployed to the development of the polytechnics, colleges of education owned by government, including the Osun State University, as well as other tertiary institutions in the state.

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The National Universities Commission, NUC, approved the establishment of the Osun State University on December 21, 2006, as the 30th State University and the 80th in the Nigerian university system. This record shows that the contentious LAUTECH had been established, 16 years earlier, with records of about five convocation.

Current population of LAUTECH’s regular students is about 35,000 as against UNIOSU”s 15,000. Clearly, the former is at greater advantage with regards to revenue generation. Ironically, this relatively older university always go cap-in-hand for funds to pay salaries of its workers and for other expenditures. So, where goes the generated revenues running to billions of Naira every academic session?


While the Osun State Government commits billions of Naira annually to the running of LAUTECH, a joint institution, it hardly received request for subvention from the Osun State University management. This is because with seven colleges in six campuses located in the six geopolitical zones of Osun State, enough revenues are generated and are equally expended judiciously, including the payment of staff salaries and other entitlements, as well as research grants. Therefore, one is encouraged to wonder how LAUTECH had been expending its generated revenues every session over the years.


Two years ago, a visitation panel, chaired by Chief Wole Olanipekun was set up to investigate the crisis rocking the LAUTECH. It was discovered that the school had no fewer than 97 different bank accounts in almost all the commercial banks in Nigeria. This is contrary to the policy of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy specifically put in place to promote transparency. Therefore, the Chief Olanipekun’s panel recommended that, “the accounts of the LAUTECH and its workforce must be audited”. This development constructs a very bad representation of the officials at the helm of affairs of LAUTECH, as well as members of the unions that identify as pressure groups in the School.

Needful to recall that the contentious LAUTECH was originally established through an edict signed on April 23, 1990 by Colonel Sasaeniyan Oresanya, the then military administrator of Oyo State. Its name was changed from Oyo State University of Technology (OSUTECH) to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) after the separation of Osun State from Oyo State in 1991.

Twenty-six years later, a seeming rebirth of the disbanded OSUTECH was suspected, bearing the name- Oyo State Technical University, Ibadan. It is referred to as “The Tech-U”, and “Nigeria’s first and only technical university”, thereby robbing off the age-long characterisation of LAUTECH as the first technical oriented university in Nigeria.


“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers” is an African proverb which means that the weak get hurt in conflicts between the powerful.

With news headlines such as “Ladoke Akintola University of Technology ASUU disrupts ongoing exams”, “Now that LAUTECH calls off one strike, how long will it take to start another?”, and “LAUTECH: Group alleges plans to attack VC, workers from Osun”, it is it quite obvious that it not well with the University, and this has caused devastating experiences on the lives of thousands of students of the school.

The situation has gone most awry with recent report of an uncovered plans by some workers of the school, “who are from Oyo State, to attack the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof Michael Ologunde, and others from Osun”.

In 2012, a Supreme Court ruling delivered by Justice Dahiru Musdapher, upheld the terms of settlement agreed to by the two states. By the rolling. “the Government of Oyo State by itself, Governor, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, or any officer or organ deriving title or authority from them, from taking any further step to give any directive or instruction contrary to the provisions of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Law, 1990 (as amended), in particular, the joint ownership structure of the university”.

However, considering the current state of affairs In the university, a question seeking answer is: how healthy is the joint ownership idea of LAUTECH at the moment, particularly as the effect of the open feud has moved beyond the usual disruption of academics to the scenario of workers of the school battling against each other. After all, the law, made by man, is amendable or abrogatable by man.



Adebayo Rasheed Mabayoje, writes from Osogbo, Osun State.






Opinion: Governor Makinde’s first 365 days: An appraisal of a  focus administration | By Olamiposi Ishola



May 29, 2020 marked the first 365 days of the new administration in Oyo state that ushered in Engr.  Seyi Makinde as the 5th Executive Governor of the state after the return of the forth republic – the on going uninterrupted civilian rule since 1999.

No doubt, the road to Agodi government house was tortuous and deadly, just like any other governorship seat in Nigeria due to the rigorous exercise of electioneering campaign and Processes. Oyo state governorship seat is more difficult been the political headquarters of the south west region.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the exalted seat that the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Samuel Akintola , Oba Adesoji Aderemi , Chief Kolapo Olawuyi Ishola, Alhaji Lam Adesina and others too numerous to mention sat is not just a seat but hot seat for tough political decisions.

I need to apologize for this lengthy article because I am a broadcast journalist and do not write much unlike print journalism where respected bosses of mine like Messrs Festus Adedayo, Taiwo Adisa,  Jide Ajani, Lasisi Olagunju, Lani Baderinwa and host others dominated the space of most newspapers in the country.

However, here is my appraisal of Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration.

I am one of the few journalists who were and still with Engr. Seyi Makinde as Governor’s elect and eventually Executive Governor of the pace setter state.

I must not fail to acknowledge the Management of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State under Veteran broadcaster , Prince Dotun Oyelade for given me the rear opportunity to be at the state Secretariat as the corporation’s Governor’s office correspondent and add more to my Broadcast journalism experience.

Since last year May 29, I have reported over 200 events of Governor Seyi Makinde where he reiterated his administration’s commitment to bring much needed development to the state .

As a reporter and political observer, it is not out of place to encourage young politicians to emulate the leadership style of Governor Seyi Makinde, especially, Simplicity and his approach to governance .

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Governor Makinde had declared that he has no god father except God who is the father and pilot of his administration and that’s why the welfare of people is given utmost priority by his government.

There are many abandoned companies when the present administration took over the mantle of leadership in 2019. These abandoned projects and waning companies should have been a great assets to the pacessetter state if effectively utilized.

For instance, the Pacessetter Asphalt plant and Quarry in Ijaye Area of Akinyele local government of Oyo state was established in 2004 by the administration of former Governor Rashidi Ladoja with the aim of producing Asphalt for road construction across the state. It had given direct and indirect jobs to over 700 people in Oyo State and thereby generated more revenue into government coffers. But for political and other reasons best known to previous administration, the place was abandoned and later became moribund.

Now,  the present administration under Governor Seyi Makinde has handed over the Asphalt plant to CARBONCOR Technology limited to commence operation at the site. He also directed the local government caretaker chairmen to buy Asphalts from the company. This singular gesture will no doubt improve the Internally Generated Revenue of the state.

It is interesting to know that despite the August 2011 flood disaster that claimed scores of lives and rendered many people homeless, past administration did not deemed it necessary to repair the damaged 77 year old Eleyele dam, but now the dam has been repaired . In his commitment to the social security agenda, Governor Makinde has reconstructed the Dam within one year of this administration.

It is another sad development that the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso which was an initiative of former Governor Adebayo Alao Akala was neglected for eight years of the immediate past administration with over 40 billion Naira. The over N40billion hospital is nearly or completely moribund perhaps crying for help.

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Let me also intimate you that five critical roads in Oyo state which include, New Garage/Kuola to Apata , Saki township road, Moniya/Iseyin road,Bashorun/Akobo road and the proposed Ibadan circular road was left uncompleted by the previous administration.

Among these projects- Moniya Iseyin road has been rewarded to competent contractor, while work is very slow at other projects,  especially Bashorun Akobo road. And nothing reasonably has been done as regards  the proposed Ibadan circular project, due to the bottle neck attached to the contracts by the immediate past administration.

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, the payment of salary and pension to the active and inactive workers is still regular in Oyo state. The salaries and pensions are being paid on or before the 25th of every month. This according to Governor Seyi Makinde will no doubt boost the economy of the state, coupled with the on going developmental projects in every nook and cranny of the state.

Government is a continuum and some projects left by previous administrations should be given adequate attention by the present administration but reverse is the case in Oyo state in the last few years before the emergence of Governor Seyi Makinde who is passionate about the development of the state with his wide spread knowledge in Politics and Managerial skills.

Another Amazing fact about Governor Seyi Makinde is that, he has a listening ear and take necessary steps and precaution to issues that are germane  to the development of the state. Even where there are mistakes in decision making, he agrees and makes necessary corrections unlike some Governors who were carried away by the glamour of the seat of Governor.

As a correspondent to the Governor’s office whose area of interest is Politics and governance, there is a long way to go for the present administration. A Governor that is passionate about the welfare of the people of Oyo state through provision of basic and infrastructural facilities in line with the four cardinal programmes of his government is being challenged by limited resources. The government lacks financial muscle to execute these lofty ideas at a go, especially in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic which has ruined social and economic activities globally.

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In the last one year,  Some Ministries, Agencies and government parastatals have been so wonderful in the discharge of their duties coupled with the resilience of the Media team of Governor Seyi Makinde led by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Taiwo Adisa and Special Adviser to the Governor on Media,   Mr Jide Ajani only God knows how many propagandas, lies and false statements that would have destroyed the good plan of the government, if not for the professionalism and proactive nature of the media handlers of the Governor.

With less than three years left, Governor Seyi Makinde has the opportunity to rewrite the story of Oyo state. The Governor is urged to be more committed to restoring Ibadan as the commercial hub through his four cardinal programmes.

If the tremendous support and love shown by people to the Seyi Makinde -led  government continues, it would be difficult to break the chain despite the threat by opposition party. Any government that has no respect for opinion of people on critical issues affecting the state is a complete failure.



Olamiposi Ishola, BCOS Governor’s office correspondent writes

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Dele [email protected]: Relationship Beyond Ovation | By Olayinka Agboola



(L-R) Yinka Agboola and his boss, Dele Momodu

We were all born to achieve different purposes in life. Yes. We all desire to be successful but most of us never really develop that critical sense of focus, passion and perseverance.

Ayobamidele Abayomi Ojutelegan Ajani Momodu had all these ‘packaged’ for him in copious measures by the Creator as he journeyed down to this world sixty years ago.

It has been a very long time since I wrote tributes like this about anybody, anywhere. I have, perhaps, become lazy or maybe I have been too busy keeping myself and my businesses alive to bother about scripting eulogies to deserving friends and loved ones.

I can quickly submit here before I forget that I am yet to meet a Nigerian that has passion for Journalism as much as Basorun Dele Momodu. And I have so many reasons for my submission. It is no gainsaying that the Creator bestowed on him a far more than average intelligence quotient matched with a gargantuan native balance to push ahead in life. He is truly a man with a divine mission.

How did I meet Basorun?

I first met him while I was a student of the defunct Oyo State College of Arts and Science (OSCAS), Ile Ife, Osun State in 1982 after I left Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan.

Even at that time, it was obvious he was going to end up in life as a popular man. I knew him. But I was sure he did not know me. I was certainly not one of those to attract his attention that time. He was one of our young lecturers and I recall that he handled English Literature under Mr Ogunmodede then. But he was so popular we all called him ‘Dele Mad’. How we came about that, I cannot readily recollect here. Seye Oyeleyo of DAWN Commission, a friend and fellow student at that time may recollect…

After our encounter in Ile Ife, I did not get to hear anything about him until I got to Lagos in 1991.The story of my sojourn in Lagos will come later (if I end up squeezing time to knock it together).

I landed in Lagos after serving in Bauchi and running a company with Brother Gbenga Adeyemi (Guze), the elder brother of one of my mates at Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan. I left the North-Eastern city owing to the religious riots that broke out in 1991. I thereafter chose to stay briefly in Ibadan before proceeding to Lagos in tandem with the adrenalin of adventure which had overtaken my being. I took my father’s car with me. It was this car that I used in borrowing money to uplift the career of a popular juju musician in whose talent I had faith. He defaulted in paying and the issue became a media war between us. I still have copies of editions of The Punch, Daily Sketch, Vanguard, Nigerian Tribune, Daily Times, Hints and several others who published our ‘war’ then. It was during this brouhaha in 1992 that I encountered Dele Momodu officially.

Apparently, he read about the media brickbats the musician and I were throwing at each other and somehow, we met and he sat me down for a serious lecture. During the session, he told me the story of how he fell out with his own boss too, late May Helen Ezekiel who owned Classique Magazine. He told me about how he started a media war against her before Otunba Mike Adenuga, the owner of Globacom lectured him on why it is against the laws of propriety to engage close associates or friends in media war. This drew me to Momodu and prompted me to immediately drop my ‘toga of battle’ to follow him just like Peter began to follow Christ the Messiah.

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By this time, he was a major distributor of the now defunct famous Abiola Bread owned by late Basorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. He sold bread with his blue-colored Volkswagen Jetta Car. At the same time, he was a Contributing Editor at the defunct FAME WEEKLY MAGAZINE where he maintained a weekly column, PENDULUM.

Bob Dee, as I met others calling him that time was the man everybody wanted to talk to and be with. His column was one of the very major reasons people bought FAME WEEKLY MAGAZINE. The directors then were Mayor Akinpelu, Kunle Bakare and Femi Akintunde-Johnson.

Unofficially, I became Bob Dee’s Personal Assistant running stuffs for him. I must at this point confess that this new relationship with the prolific writer fanned the flair for writing in me. I would take the manuscript of his PENDULUM from him as he wrote each page and re-write. I never really graduated as an apprentice writer because we almost immediately got involved with the MKO Abiola presidential campaign.

Bob Dee got his friends to employ me as a reporter at FAME WEEKLY. I was put under the late WALE OLOMU to also learn how to write entertainment stories. But Dele Momodu was still my boss.

Later, Prince Nduka Obaigbena asked Bob Dee to set up THISDAY Newspapers for him. He gave him a brand new Peugeot 504. Before this time, Chief MKO Abiola had arranged for a grey Mercedes Benz for him.

The newspaper took off somewhere on Norman Williams in Ikoyi, if I still remember. Okagbue Aduba, a complete gentleman, was brought in as the pioneer Editor. This is an interesting story for another day.

The point here is that Bob Dee put everything he had behind everything he did and is still doing. He is an excellent multi-tasking guru who kept his weekly column writing alongside his private consultancy businesses while still ensuring that THISDAY took off even as he continued running stuffs for MKO Abiola and his campaign team.

Permit me if I miss anything out because at this point, things started moving at a dizzying pace. The Jos Primary election that produced MKO Abiola took place; Baba Gana Kingibe was chosen as his running mate; their party was Social Democratic Party (SDP);Bashir Tofa emerged as the candidate of NRC; the elections held and MKO won. Yes, he won. Thereafter, the June 12, 1993 struggle started. We all abandoned what we were doing to concentrate on how to actualize the mandate given to the legendary MKO.

At this time, the owner of THISDAY, Nduka Obaigbena had become a strong anti-June 12 advocate. He wanted Bob Dee to join him. Of course, Dele Momodu declined, stuck to the June 12 struggle. He never wavered. He was resolute. This landed him in Alagbon. He was detained for several days. After this, we smuggled him out of Nigeria to the United Kingdom.

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While in London, he never allowed the challenges he faced in the bid to firmly entrench himself in his new abode to obliterate his passion for journalism. This was how he ‘conjured up’ with the idea of establishing OVATION INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE.

For those who do not know, we operated in Lagos like a ‘triumvirate family’. Dele Momodu was the father, Kunle Bakare of the then, Fame Weekly Magazine was his best friend and son and I was the grandson. In those days, if one of us was at the then famous Nite Shift Nite Club with Ken Calebs Olumhese, you could be sure the others were around. Such was the strength of the chord that bound us! The rest is history.

When he therefore came up with the idea of OVATION INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, he relied on Kunle Bakare and my humble self. We handled the Nigerian end of the business. We would arrange for materials and send to him. He would then package and publish and send to Nigeria. We distributed the magazines alongside FAME WEEKLY.

Somehow, Bob Dee and Kunle Bakare fell out. This became a huge dilemma for me. I assumed Kunle Bakare was my best friend that time. God bless his enigmatic wife, Desola. I was unfortunately caught in the middle of a quarrel between two great friends. I did not know what to do or on whose side to stay. Bob Dee was my boss. Bakare also known as Mr. KB was my friend.

It took me almost three months to make up my mind on what to do. I give thanks to God for the lives of Chief Ezekiel Fatoye, Godwin Mekwuye of Vivid Imagination, Hassan Fatungase of the then Bakers’ World and Sir Doksy, now Oba Adedokun Abolarin, the Orangun of Oke Ila; late Sonny Okosuns, Olabode Opeseitan, Daniel Wilson and Daddy Showkey. They helped me to make up my mind.

I had two options -join Kunle Bakare and abandon the OVATION INTERNATIONAL project, or stay with Dele Momodu and lose KB’s friendship and resign from Fame Weekly as Assistant Editor.

Chief Fatoye, Hassan Fatungase, Vivid and Doksy and others all asked me one question…How did you meet the two warring gentlemen? My answer, ‘Dele Momodu introduced me to Kunle Bakare’. Then, they unanimously advised me to stay with Dele Momodu, who, at this time could not come to Nigeria.

After this admonition, I packed Ovation Magazine’s documents and all appertaining to it out of the Wemabod Estate, Ikeja office of FAME WEEKLY MAGAZINE to Afisman Drive, Anifowose in Central Ikeja where late Brother Rotimi Seriki(another wonderful soul), the husband of senior sister of Dele Momodu’s wife had a ready office for Ovation Magazine. So, the business of running the magazine continued under my humble self. And this was an assignment I carried out to the best of my ABILITY. Afterall, I could not have offered what I did not have. The rest is history…

As someone close to him at that time, I learnt so many lessons following him around, I learnt to practically worship him because he was to me, an enigma. He could speak both Yoruba and English fluently, he could write both, he was creative and he was extremely humane. He loved to read and had a very rich library. These were the virtues in him that served to cement our bond.

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I stand the risk of sounding like a broken record but, permit me to mention specific examples to buttress the virtues that made Bob Dee tick.


Bob Dee was not a rich man, but I saw him, at that time, sponsor at least four young men through their Law School programmes. One of them, Barrister Bamidele Abolarin (Super Dee) lives in Ibadan like me today.

Live and Let Live

Bob Dee lived for the day. If he had ten thousand naira, he would dash out eight and keep two. And if he had reason to dash out the two, he would. Fellow journalists would come to him at his Adigboluja, Ojodu, Lagos residence with myriads of problems and he would not only listen, he would lift fingers to support. Examples are too numerous to mention here. One of us then had problems with his wife because he did not have a car. Dele Momodu dashed him his Jetta Car!

Courageous and Committed

If you are looking for an example of courage, Bob Dee was one. For those who can remember, in 1993 during the heat of the election annulment, Bob Dee staged a ‘coup’ which saw the leader of the infamous Association for Better Nigeria (ABN), Chief Abimbola Davis speaking to the press from The Kitchen Restaurant on Allen Avenue. After the epochal media meeting, we all ran away. Davis was smuggled out of Lagos to Togo using a Peugeot 504 car that I was commissioned to arrange. Bob Dee also disappeared while I escaped to Ibadan. In addition, Bob Dee was in charge of several underground moves to actualize the June 12 mandate of MKO.

Today, on behalf of my wife, Oluwatoyin and children, I thank him for being a great mentor to me despite our differences. He taught me that I must always restrict myself to my area of competence, be contented and to always stay on my own lane. He also lectured me on the need to dress well and be decent at all times. These orientations I got from the great Bob Dee, added to the Grace of God have helped me in life. This, to me is a relationship, brotherhood beyond Ovation. I am always proud to associate with this selfless mentor.

Basorun Dele Momodu, omo Iya Oyo, happy 60th birthday sir! God bless you, God bless your elegant wife, Omobolaji and all your children.



Olayinka Agboola is the Crew Leader at Parrot Xtra Magazine, and Parrot Xtra Hour On Radio

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Alimajiranci: One Hell of Ideology in 21st Century | By Adediji Wasiu



Now that the Northern elite has united behind a holistic drive to abolish and discredit the ideology of an abusive system that gives birth to extremists, fanaticism who in turn pick arm against the society to get what the society has denied them by all means and, resist those who oppose them with ferocity.

This is the first step towards starving terrorist organisation like bokoharam, the reason to exist, they are the most targeted group for terrorist organization. Since the alimajiri run errands for strangers, scavenges left overs food, sleep on sidewalks and street pavements, they are easy to lure against their own will by bokoharam as bomb carrier, thus, endangered population. So, this approach must be pursued holistically and not in half measures else it becomes a “riverboat gambling.”

Furthermore, the parallel between progressive culture and retrogrssive one must draw, the so called Alimajiri system left children vulnerable to an environment of hopelessness and in their desperation to find food, they often end up become available tool for terrorist group and often adopted as foot soldier, suicide bombers to strike the society. Should such culture continue?

Each time there is an attempt to reform alimajiri system in other to do away with the abuses associated with it, people often mistaken this to be fight against Islam and northern culture, against this background I ask what are the benefits of this system to Islam In fact it has continued to give the religion bad image and majorly the Islamic cleric produced through this method in most cases are half baked cleric, given all sort of opinion that is contradicting to the known established sunnah and ayat of Quran.

Undoubtedly, Islam encourages learning as exemplified in the first Surah of Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) says “Iqra Bismillaih Rabbikallazi Khalaq, khalaqal insaana min Alaq, Iqra wa Rabbuka Akram Allazii allama bil Qalam Allama insaana maa ya lam” (read in the name of your lord of your Lord, who created man from clot, read and the Lord is the most bounteous, Who teach with pen, Teachth man that which he knew knot) this emphasis the importance of knowledge , however, we know that through civilizations, different kinds of knowledge, has brought the progresses of man in different fields pivot on the existence of the ‘pen’ thus this surah encourage learning, because learning has always been a part of every intellectual society.

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However, learning must be done in a way that promotes both the basic human and society values in conformity with modern style and this can’t be achieved by subjecting the children to physical, sexual, and intellectual abuse.

In my view, Alimajiri system have out leave it usefulness in this age of globalization, or else it’s married with modern learning technique to bring the uniqueness of the system if there is any. Almajiri originally set up as part of the wider Islamic practice of dedication to learning, intention of the Almajiri system of education cannot be faulted due to religious and socio-cultural needs of the society committed through learning by heart but today due to poor infrastructure, lack of government firm control and abysmal quality of teachers in alimajiri system, the failure of this system became more acute pronounced thus it has become synonymous to seeking alms, begging, and sometimes engaging in criminal activity as a result of their basic survival needs not being met.

Undoubtedly, the ideologies of Alimajiri is what give birth to terrorism in the northern region and and to extinguish fanaticism and terrorism, it cannot be prevent by the use of force alone, it root causes must be address by placing emphases on education of the destitute in the society towards creating a balance system that offers mind lifting teachings before reuniting them back to the society.


We must acknowledge that the Boko Haram, banditry etc wars that have raged in Borno, Maiduguri, Yobe, and other northeast state has being on because there is nexus between the Boko Haram organization and alimajiri, of which the military approach alone have proven not to be a total solution despite huge amount billions of budgeted each year since the war started, it’s time we adopt intellectual approach by targeting it’s root causes.

It’s time to redefine the context of alimajiri in today’s global knowledge economy by reengaging the almajiri children in a productive endeavor in other to end this abusive system that has continue to make them a suspectible tool in the hand of bokoharam against their wishes.

To defeat this embodiment of a malicious ideology, it is first necessary to define exactly what is the relationship between alimajirci and slow pace of human development index in the north, what future this moribund system has to offer in the near future, and why is it necessary to get rid of it or to continue. I leave you to answer those questions in the best objectively.

The solution has three components, the first approach is winning the battle using intellectual approach this begin by concerted political will to totally do away with alimajiri system. Notwithstanding, the solution can’t be achieved without the cooperation of the district heads, traditional rulers, ulama , parents, civil society organisations and the government. The north can’t afford to fold it arm, ignore the danger on the horizon, another vicious cycle of war won’t do the region any better than self destruction.

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Also,  setting them up for greatness, It’s by counter this abusive and malignant ideology through proper rehabilitation by enlightened and open up their minds through counselling before reuniting them back to the society, else doing otherwise will impacts the society, the extent to which no one can predict, such flames know no borders. Only one thing can stop a mind who is ready to die for fictional seven (7) virgin, a stronger ideology and counseling that convinces him that such ideology or believe have no place in Islam.

Lastly, the region is home to more than 70 million young people , this period offers government the opportunity to inspire them with hope and do everything necessary to improve the quality of life by flatten the poverty curve in the region, and improve the quality of education. it’s not enough to build fine structures without capacity to run it and to create economic opportunities for their sustainable development.

In my view, this is the most sustainable answer and alternative to alimajiri. I am optimistic, because I know that the people of the north with their hardworking derserves stability and prosperity that are stronger and more enduring than opportunistic and destructive alimajiri ideas.

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