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OPINION | Oyo: A Government Without An Efficient And Proper Coordination In Its Programmes | By Akeem Adebiyi



Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state

One is appalled by the series of drama being acted by Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state and his political appointees in this dispensation.  Right from the inception of this administration, it has always been one day, one drama, to the extent that the governance in the  state is now a theatre centre or cinema.

Irked by the discordant tunes being regularly played by the Governor and his appointees, one should speak up to enlighten the lots as a noble critic that means well for the greatness of this pacesetter state. One could reason that this unfortunate trend was caused by the governor’s inability to differentiate business of governance from that of politicking. Two, the idea of resorting to mudslinging and calumny against former Governor  Abiola Ajimobi with an intent to discredit his administration and obliterate whatever notable achievements recorded by same from the minds of citizens was being pursued with Vigour by the present government.

The objective is to  proclaim Governor Makinde led government as comparatively better in terms relevance to citizens’ needs.

Management of secondary schools in Oyo state by the former administration was remarkably innovative through the introduction of the Schools’ Governing Boards (SGB)



The primary or basic function of the SGB was to manage the education levy of N3,000.00 per session being statutorily paid in by the students. Purchase of instructional materials, repair of school’s infrastructure and implementation of co- curricular activities were effectively funded from the levy, under the strict supervision of the SGB. Governor Seyi Makinde took a long drawn look at the SGB and pronounced same dissolved. Perhaps,after receiving correct briefs on the matter, he rescinded his decision by  reinstating the SGB.

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Also, the issue of Moniya – Iseyin road project which was awarded by Governor Abiola Ajimobi led administration caught the attention of Governor Makinde. He  queried the cost of the project which was put at N7 billion. He condemned the cost as outrageous and asserted that the contractor and Ajimobi must have engaged in some underhand dealings before arriving at the figure.

Hence,  he invoked a stoppage order and pledged that the project shall be re awarded at a lesser cost. Just of recent, Governor Seyi Makinde led government re-awarded the ‘Moniya – Iseyin road contract’ at a cost of N9.9 billion, an upward variation of N9 .9 billion above the original cost of the project.


The issue of Ibadan circular road project is still raging like a wild fire. The Governor consumed by midas lure or fires of hatred against former Governor Abiola Ajimobi, authorised the contractor handling the project to quit the site. He hinged his action on the prohibitive cost of the project and its inappropriateness in terms of utility factor for the citizens in the present circumstance. Within 24hrs, he rescinded his decision. One could reason that his initial action was not well thought out. He even cast aspersions on the person of the contractor handling the project. This has become a subject of litigation now.

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In retrospect, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola, the Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources in Oyo state, once accused former Governor Ajimobi to have illegally acquired hundreds of hectares of government farm land for his personal use during his reign as the state helms man. Within 48 hours, he retracted his statements with shameless modifications.


Also, the state Information Commissioner, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun, once boasted that the revenue target of Seyi Makinde  led administration is N20 billion monthly. This position contradicts that of John Adeleke, the state Revenue Board Chairman and authority on the matter, who put it at N4 billion per month (N48 billion per annum). 

In the same vein, John Adeleke stirred an hornet’s nest few days ago through his utterances on the conflicting revenue figures that accrues to the state. He posited that the state government raked in a sum of N2.7 billion for October, 2019 as against the sum of N1.3 billion which was the peak attained by the last administration. His position attracted public outcry and widespread criticisms from the stakeholders. The consensus of opinions later put the monthly revenue under former administration at N2.3 billion and not the erroneous figure of N1.3 billion claimed by John Adeleke.

Within 24 hours of the raging controversy, Adeleke retraced his steps and came up with another set of figures. Now, it was N1.7 billion for the former administration and N2 billion for the present administration. In another breadth, Adeleke concluded that the figures are not stable for now.

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The heinous contradictions as observed in the serial official pronouncements of Governor Seyi Makinde and his co- travellers in government smacks of infantilism, un seriousness, abuse of privileges and executive recklessness in the management of human affairs to say the least, it is a clear demonstration of absence of an efficient coordination among the various levels of the executive arm of government and loss of focus in the art of governance.

Regrettably, the unfortunate and obvious consequences are policy Summersault, loss of public trust, hope and confidence in the government. That is the level of shame that can be attracted by the government which engages itself in self contradictions and multiple talks laced with falsehoods. In this connection, appropriate seminar/workshop must be conducted for all the political office holders presently in the saddle to correct this anomaly.

Akeem Adebiyi writes from Ibadan, Oyo state.



Why Is Ajimobi’s Mausoleum A Subject Hypocritical Outrage? | By Maroof Asudemade



Nigerians derive a kind of unexplainable pleasure in brazen hypocrisy. The latest in their display of mischiefs coated in feigned outrage is about the grand Mausoleum constructed by the family of the deceased former governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

This writer must confess that he held initially that the resting place was vainly flamboyant when the video of the Mausoleum was sent to him. But after making some enquiries as to the intent and purpose of the tomb, he’s convinced that there was nothing vain about it and that it’s the best way the Ajimobi family thinks it fit to honour and keep memories of their illustrious patriarch.

Mausoleum is a phenomenon that has been embraced in all continents of the world. It was invented by Phythius and named after King Mausolus, a Persian satrap of Caria in Harlicarnassus near the modern Turkey, whose grieving widow had the Mausoleum done to immortalise him. The large Mausoleum housing the remains of King Mausolus was reputed to be one of the Seven Wonders of the world! Since its invention, mausolea have been regular features of burial and internment arrangements, cutting across continents and religions, especially among royal, political, military and economic leaders around the world.

Mausolea are monuments. Monuments represent the histories and the heritages of peoples of the world. Without monuments, histories and heritages are lost to generations who need them to develop a sense of history and to recognise past glories in which they must exude pride. But when a people choose to sneer at a monument because of flimsy consideration of vanity, then, it’s no curse that such people already have courted extinction.

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The ‘vanity’ that mausolea are tagged to be began and spread from ‘saner’ climes after which the insanity of adopting them in Nigeria afflicted us. Almost all known deceased leaders in politics, economy, royalty and military and professional endeavours had mausolea constructed over their remains in their sprawling premises. Mausolea came into the consciousness of Nigerians when the ever sagely Obafemi Awolowo died in 1987 and a mausoleum was constructed over his embalmed remains which visitors and tourists continued to troop to see even after many years before his corpses was decaying and he had to be buried appropriately. Since then, mausolea are being constructed by families of deceased eminent Nigerians as an indication of how immensely they cherish the lives and the memories of their departed loved ones.

When Mike Adenuga lost his mother, he spent several millions of naira to construct a mausoleum to house his mother’s remain. In Nigeria today, deceased eminent Nigerians who had mausolea built over their remains included Abubakar Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi, Sani Abacha in Kano, Olusola Saraki in Ilorin, Oba Okunade Sijuwade in Ile-Ife, Tayo Aderinokun in Lagos and a host of others. Even Dino Melaye built a world class Mausoleum for his mother’s remains! We can all see how vanity drives our eminent men and women to have mausolea that hold no pleasure to them built on them! Don’t Yoruba elders say ‘he who isn’t entitled to a bonus calls it unlawful’? Only a poverty of acute proportion will make one attach vanity to every luxury in life.

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If all these eminent men and women mentioned above embraced vanity for having mausolea built on their remains, let me regale you with a burial story of a sincerely altruistic and the only truly radical and activist lawyer Nigeria has ever produced, Chief Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi. No one can associate an atom of corruption to the late fiery lawyer! He lived a good life despite that he was an excessively incorruptible man. Yet, he planned his burial immediately he was told of his terminal lung cancer. He instructed that he wanted to be buried in gold casket! And, yes, Gani Fawehinmi was buried in gleaming gold casket! So, Gani too was vain! If Gani did not elevate vanity while alive, why would he elevate vanity in death?

No one is justified at all to wail about the vanity of life to the families of late Senator Abiola Ajimobi. What could be more vain than having to lose a man larger than his existence, an illustrious colossus for that matter? If losing Ajimobi to the inevitable death does not define life as vanity, one wonders what else will? Senator Ajimobi lived a good life, worthy of emulation in all ramifications. Yoruba elders say, ‘a dowry paid on a bride depends on how cherished the bribe is’. Therefore, it’s also apt to conclude that ‘Ajimobi was befittingly buried based on how so much he was cherished, loved and adored by his families’.


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Is the word bankrolling derogatory? | By Onike Rahaman




Given the harsh reactions and ill-mannered responses of Femi Fani Kayode to the question asked by The Daily Trust Correspondent during the interactive session held with the journalists in the Cross River State yesterday, the action of FFK which has been largely condemned, considered as social misconduct and irrational forced me to carry out further search of the extensive meanings of the word ‘bankroll’ .


Up till now, I have not got any hints, tips or information on the derogatory meaning of the word bankroll to have prompted FFK outbursts of anger.Even my dictionary of insulting words didn’t include such entry.


Background information:

Chief Femi Fani Kayode in the past few days had been touring some states meeting the governors in those states.

He was in Calabar the capital of Cross Rivers state when he was asked by Eyo Charles the Daily Trust Correspondent in the state that who is bankrolling his tour.

Fani Kayode became livid with anger and said, ” What type of stupid question is that?

Bankrolling who? Do you know who you are talking to? I will not take any questions from this man. What type of insulting question is that? Which bankroll? To do what? Who can give me money for anything?

Who do you think you are talking to? Go and report yourself to your publisher… Don’t insult me here… I could see from your face before you got here how stupid you are. Don’t ever talk to me like that. Who do you think you are talking to?”

While some people have blamed the reporter for asking a denigrating question, others insist Fani Kayode displayed pride as it is the duty of journalists to promote accountability. Who do we blame?

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A. Eyo Charles the reporter.
B. Chief Femi Fani Kayode.

Semantics of the word that ignited the anger of Femi Fani Kayode:


1.Cambridge English Dictionary: verb. informal.
‘To support a person or activity financially’

2.Collins Dictionary:

‘To bankroll a person, organization, or project means to provide the financial resources that they need’.

[mainly US, informal]
The company has bankrolled a couple of local movies.

3. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

bankroll:Informal-to provide the money that someone needs for a business,a plan etc.

4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
bankroll verb
bankrolled; bankrolling; bankrolls
Definition of bankroll (Entry 2 of 2)
transitive verb
: to supply money for (a business, project, or person.
5.Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners:
bankroll:to provide the money for something.

My Take:

What then could have infuriated the former Minister and Lawyer with the question asked by the timid journalist for him to have acted oddly and reacted annoyingly in a way that has exposed him to public ridicule?

The whole scenario is a pointer to the fact that the man lacks emotional intelligence, maturity, decency and capacity to handle stressful situations.

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Need for discipline in PMB’s cabinet to fight real corruption | By Abba Dukawa




With three cardinal programs of PMB’s campaigned promises, i. e Insecurity, Corruption and Economy, Nigerians expected effective and rebut fighting of Insecurity, Corruption and improved Economy in the country.  It will be recalled that following the intense presidential campaign and the victory in the March 28 presidential poll in 2015 election.   Let me start with corruption war. For long PMB had been pontificating about his desired to fight   Corruption made Nigerians believed that he is capable to beat the previous administrations ‘efforts in anti-corruption war in the country and improved security and economy of the country.  

To the extent that even the war waged by the administration against corruption proved to be toughest and it’s fighting back each passing day because there are several alleged corruptions within the administration.

The most disturbing point of war against  corruption is becoming a subject of public scorn. There are several examples I can cite as proof of evidence but I will limit myself to a few. Nigerians may recalled less than two years  of  PMB’s administration , face  its first litmus test in fighting corruption when a court fined MTN to pay billions of dollars to the government.

The most   shocking of the administration error was the given approval of $25 billion contract awarded by NNPC without  the input of the acting president at the time of the said approval PMB was lying in a sick bed in faraway London. This cast’s serious doubt in the mind of Nigerians.

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In spite of highly celebrated profiled corrupt cases like ex petroleum minister, Diezeini Allison, Defencegate and PDP campaign funds, five years into the administration, there were no convictions of the alleged looters in this highly profiled corruption cases. The most worrying development is that the anti-graft war, which used to be his major feat, is now all over the place. Magu, the anti-graft Czar, has himself been accused of various infractions — some of them contained in reports submitted to PMB.

Did PMB heard  Prof  Pondei, NDDC acting MD, when he told a senate panel that he spent N1.5 billion as COVID-19 relief on the staff? Did you heard him brazenly told the committee that “we took care of ourselves”, he is still in office. That any of your appointees could make such a reckless statement on record shows how low they rate your anti-graft war.

There is  extraordinary chaos   going on between  President’s   power-drunk ministers and chief executive officers of the  respective departments and agencies under their watch.

Did PMB knows that as a result of these infighting among the administration’s appointees are becoming a subject of public ridicule.  Minister of labour who suspended the management of  NSITF  said he had PMB’s  approval. Former MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission vs. Minster of Niger Delta, Dr Isa Ali Pantami Vs Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, NCC Executive Vice Chairman, Minister of Power Vs MD of the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company, Minster of power Vs MD of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA)

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Another episode of indiscipline was when police officers were deployed to the house of Mrs Joi Nunieh, former MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), to intimidate her on a day she was supposed to testify about the massive corruption in the agency. Latest episode of indiscipline was when the minister of labour, Dr Chris Ngige Vs James Falaki on the screen of a national TV when he  called him Mushin boy and that he is VI Guy.

It is seem the government is indisposed to instill discipline within the ranks of the administration.  Many Nigerians are asking whether President Buhari is the man of dependability Nigerians saw in him some years back.  This is not the same person Nigerians  ostensible  brought into office in 2015, Buhari’s fear factor has  gone which  the corrupt people and other  had on him disappeared,  the fright  notion of If Buhari catches you, one would bear the consequence also gone and  no longer scares anybody, as we all can see even  there is   apparent lack of coordination and infighting among different agencies of government as well as key functionaries serving in the administration came to the front in the wake of the confirmation of the suspended EFCC chairman DSS, wrote to the senate to counter your choice.  

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If indeed those allegations are true, it should be a major indictment on Mr President, that right under his nose, all these things were happening and you did not act swiftly but the way the whole thing has been handled is damaging to the anti-graft war, and infighting  among the appointees are  hurtful to the administration integrity.   Nigerians never expected negative things to happen under PMB’s stewardship and voters never thought he would head a government bedeviled with boggling financial recklessness of public funds, chaos, in fighting among the administration appointees and endless things which are discrediting his administration’s  goodwill and the nation at large.


Dukawa can be reached at[email protected]


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