Dino Melaye’s Saga: A Game of Ego And Power Show.

ALBEIT, the recall process of any elected legislator, though, constitutional, but, quite strange in the Nigeria’s democracy because of its cumbersome nature. The attached conditions are too stringent. Not many people could endure the strenuous nature of the procedures involved in the exercise.

Having said this, the Dino Melaye’s travails exemplifies an intra-class feud. It is not only based on ego rift, but, vindictiveness. Ordinarily, his constituents can not on their own volition initiate the recall process without being sponsored by a powerful individual or a power bloc within or outside the state.

Dino Melaye’s rush for a cover through the litigation process is in order too as nobody is too comfortable presiding over his/her funeral rites. This is ostensibly aimed at buying the time and simultaneously exploring the diplomatic means of wriggling out of the whole crisis by political intervention.

He belongs to a group that feels it can do and undo anything within this political dispensation no matter how odd and go scot free.The public shall be treated to more drama on this exercise. At the end of the day, the guy is likely to be left off the hook because of his group’s overbearing influence on governance in the country.

The party may even wade in at a critical stage. But, the culprit may have learnt his lessons from the episode if he opts to shed off his toga of arrongance and confrontational attitude as widely perceived by the discerning minds.

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Furthermore, his comical ways of conducting his legislative functions and rudeness to the more senior politicians who are perceived to be on the other side of the political divide to his master has typified him as a person who has no independent mind.This has rated his personalty very low and poor in the public domain.

His servitude to the Senate President has equally attracted hatred for him among the party members who are opposed to Saraki’s style of politics and power mongering attitudes. In fact, he has many hurdles to scale in this exercise. But, the power bloc he belongs to may rescue him at last provided the members does not have a hand in his ordeal from the onset.

In actual fact, the openess of the referendum may even give either side the leverage to manipulate the voters in its favour. Of course, the Governor’s side may carry the day in that circumstance given the retinue of his appointees and security advantage in addition to his being the foremost leader of the party in the state. Pecuniary interests shall play the usual roles of tilting the voters in favour of the higher bidder.

Violence and the related acts of political brigandage can not be ruled out in the voting process as the citizens of that state are well noted for such tendency. Whatever the case is, I do not see the exercise being carried out to a logical conclusion.

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It’s either that it is frustrated through litigations laced with possible endless adjournments, appeals and appeals to the supreme court or providence intervenes through any quarter -diplomatic persuasions, intrigues, among others.


By Akeem Adebiyi.


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