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ÀMÒTÉKÙN: Weaponising Ethnicity To Destroy Good Initiative | By Jide Ajani



Those pushing the narrative still think demonising AMOTEKUN will score for them political points. In their fancy, they are already drawing a link between the Amotekun and the fabled SARS which some youths rose against last year. They are wrong and totally miscalculating because it is a faulty narrative.

Weaponising ethnicity with a view to destroying AMOTEKUN will meet with a solid brickwall and it will, also, not work.

And because they failed in their bid to stop the launch of AMOTEKUN, they have now resorted to twisting facts and creating their own bubble of alternative and fictional reality. They will fail again as they failed before.

Placed side by side, facts will always trump fiction, lies and incitement.

That AMOTEKUN strategically launched six counter-banditry, counter-kidnapping and counter-terrorism operations in four local governments, simultaneously, on Saturday, deserves credit.

Yet, more deserving of credit is the inclusive nature of the rainbow coalition that went after the criminals.

It comprised Amotekun, Vigilantes, Hunters and Miyetti Allah Vigilante.

In fact, not just members of Miyetti Allah, but some Fulani were part of the operations, with the Seriki being fully briefed about the operations.

Some lives were lost; some sustained injuries. Those killed in the process were criminals and not herdsmen.

And, the coalition, led by men of AMOTEKUN,  succeeded in sending a very clear message to criminals terrorising the people: that enough is enough.

But strange and stranger narratives are being woven round AMOTEKUN’s noble effort to rid the thick forests of Ibarapa East, Ibarapa Central and Ibarapa North, as well as Iwajowa Local Government Areas, of kidnappers and bandits.

Some of the victims of the criminals have been Fulani as well as Yoruba and other tribes.

Which explains why AMOTEKUN worked in concert with Miyetti Allah and Fulani supporters who have been victims of kidnapping.

Those who are struggling to sell the lie that AMOTEKUN killed Fulani are doing so with the wicked intent of creating ethnic tensions. They will fail.

Meanwhile, arrests were made, pieces of useful information are being extracted, and the criminals have been handed over to the Police.

One of the strange and contradictory deductions is that the same media warriors and politicians condemning insecurity in Oyo State, are the same Vuvuzelas and mouth organs being used to misrepresent, misinform and churn out false narratives about the exploits of AMOTEKUN.

If the intention is to dampen the morale of corps members, it will fail. If the plot is to paint Oyo State or parts of Yorubaland as ungovernable, they will equally fail.

There are gaps being filled in the bid to make AMOTEKUN more responsive and professional and His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, has assured of that.

Whereas there is a cogent and verifiable  consensus that stereotyping, criminalising and profiling members of any ethnic group do not help matters, one is then left to wonder why it is now fashionable for some enemies of the state to empathize with criminals by deploying ethnicity? Why are some people weaponising ethnicity against AMOTEKUN’s onslaught in it’s war on criminals? Do they want to destroy it? They will fail.

This is Yorubaland and those toying with the cobra of banditry and criminality should look up to other areas of Nigeria that have become playing fields for bandits. It is this same type of indulgent narrative, of twisting facts and misinforming people of the real dangers these criminals represent, that has made bandits,  criminals and terrorists to take over some parts of the country; where some governors have got no other option than to negotiate with bandits and criminals.

We are daily being served chilling and horrific tales of criminals and bandits who now hold state governments to ransom and engage in profitable negotiated settlements of crimes and criminality.

Governor Makinde will not tolerate that. His principal responsibility is the welfare and protection of lives and properties of all the indigenes and residents of Oyo State, irrespective of politico-religious and ethnic background.

The people pushing false narratives simply want to distract Governor Makinde.

But the Governor remains resolute and focussed, deploying the Blue Ocean approach to governance, an approach that has seen him devise creative means of doing projects at a time of cash crunch; he received commendation for his handling of Covid-19 and #EndSARS protests; as well as his novel welfare package for workers and pensioners in Oyo State.

This is our Oyo State and we must not allow enemies of the state to succeed. This is Yorubaland and criminals should not be allowed to do harm to our people.

Let us join hands to secure our dear Oyo State and Yorubaland.


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Jide Ajani, Special Adviser, Media,

to Governor Seyi Makinde writes from Ibadan, Oyo State



Opinion: Before Oyo Slides Into Complete Anarchy | By Oladeinde Olawoyin



1. In Oyo State today, it’s complete DANSE MACABRE! From Ibadan, to Oke-Ogun, through the Ibarapas. Indiscipline. Traffic mess. Anarchy. Insecurity. [email protected]

is trying his best but the fundamental remains: He must (re-)situate his approach to governance, far far away from performative populism.

2. The point has been made over time that Oyo is too complex, too conservative, too ‘Ladical’ even, to be handled with such “laissez faire” style, all in the name of being seen as the “people’s governor”. The consequence, as we are beginning to see in d recent anarchy, is dire

3. The governor should not be shy to walk back on his populist mantras, especially those that have proven to be disastrous – his jejune take on street trading, for instance. There is no point clinging on to failed (non-)policies when the end-result is disorderliness/lawlessness.

4. HE may also re-consider his relationships with those around him, licking his ‘bum-bum’ for crumbs. They are more dangerous to him, and indeed the state, than those he may consider “enemies” today. e.g The sycophantic dingbats that embarrassed the state recently with what has proven to be a fake WAEC ranking/list.

5. Like they did with insecurity and things degenerated, folks who manufacture jejune, childish, asinine, kindergarten lies in the name of “defending” the governor/govt would do anything to shield him (Mr Makinde) away from the ugly realities until, God forbid, things would go completely out of hand.

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6. I drove to Eruwa in the autumn of December and had my heart in my mouth all through the journey, almost literally. That’s not the Oyo state we all want to be proud of. Of course, the less one talks about the conspiratorial silence in the state, the better for one’s sanity.

I wish the governor the very best in his resolve to fix the state.

Ipinle Oyo o ni b’aje o…




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Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? | By Adediji Wasiu



During my undergraduate study, Mr X was recruited by my department as a senior lecturer based on his foreign credentials, but when he was expected to perform the role he was employed for, he was found wanting of ingenious ideas.

When our choice of recruiting, electing or selecting leaders either in political or business circle  is strongly influenced by how good we think people are through the  aura of confidence ( self contradicting) they bring to light without the system carrying out a proper evaluation to determine their true competence, we end up killing the system.

In a logical way, the world has been made to believe that there is relationship between confidence and competence. Alas, in the real sense, confidence is seldom sign of competence; that someone is charismatic, humble, incorruptible, well educated, religious savy etc is not a sign of competence rather confidence. That people are hankering to be noticed through politically correct statement or contestto bring nurturing ideas to light is enough to turn off such persons, because this model has shown to have failed us countless time.

Competence is how good a person is at something (evidence based )  while on the other hand confidence is how good the person think is good at something (lack evidence). Competence is an ability; confidence is the belief in that ability. Such belief or self-evaluations can refer to learned  skills (e.g., singing, kissing, and managing people) or to personality traits (e.g., smartness,  likability, persistence, and creativity).

For instance,  many political aspirants will makes all sort of eye catching, highly valued promises and political correct statements, the kind of what people want to hear in order to arouse thier  interests . That’s where it all ends, to get the job done when given the mandate becomes a huge problem.

And, this leads to the reasons why incompetent men assumed leadership, that someone is smart with huge followership both online and offline with persistence use of social media is not enough to assume the person is competent enough to assume leadership, but because our likability or choice of leader depends on all of these things, we end up making error in our choice. That someone made a politically sound decision or proposed  politically driven correct statements without any evidence of how the person plan to go about it is not enough to cheer him or her up for leadership. That’s simply confidence and not competent.

For instance, sometimes , in  2015/2019 general election, President Muhammadu Buhari made many politically sound proposals on how he will end insurgency, corruption and reduce inflation, no one bother to ask him how he intends to get theses jobs done, today Nigeria is battling not only with Boko haram, ceaseless pool of corruption but with additional problem like bandit, kidnappers among others.

Competence is not what any one think of you or his/er self   but how he or she can get the difficult task done in a shortest possible time.

We sometimes mistaken huge followership on social media or ability of someone to  toast well crafted words as competence. What we  fail to realise is that this is just the mastering of language rules, it  doesn’t in anyway translate to competence.

For clarity sake, that someone becomes succefull or known all over the world through skilled competence is not an evidence that he or she when selected or elected to lead will make a good leader, that Professor Wole Soyinka succeeded as Nobel Laurette through his literacy compentece is not enough reason to say he would succeed if elects as a democratic leader. Leadership skill is a special skillset that’s beyond numerical and literacy compence, if not our schools NBA should be a model for leadership.

Our selection processes must recognize talent and skills  (competence) and not confidence. Anyone could master confidence but not everyone can master competence.

That someone appears daily on different TV shows or has hundreds of invitation across the world as a guest speakers or appear daily on wall street magazine as opinion leader is not enough to think such person will perform creditably when elected or selected as a leader.

For me, I will rather vote a competent leader than confidence leader. Till date, late Umaru Yar’Adua remains the most competent leader Nigerian has ever elected even though he lacks confidence.

Confidence doesn’t corresponds with talent or abilities to lead. We can’t measure accurately or assess the abilities of a person by his charismatic posture. When people simply suit up or speaks queens english, we assumed they are leadership material, but the result we get over the years through this kind of thinking, shows this model is not working.

That’s how good we think people  are is the reflections of their social skill effects on us (confidence) but how good they actually are can only be measure by their perfomance (competence).

For example, in the last National Assembly, the common sense senator represented Bayelsa East Senatorial district, Ben Bruce is a self-rated  intelligent man, with huge social Media followership,  but when  the results of his stewardship at National Assembly was revealed  there is no translated gains between his social skills and his performance at the hallow chamber of the National Assembly. This shows that there is huge difference between how smart we people think they are (confidence) and  how smart they actually are (competent).

In that sense, confidence has been equated to mean competence. Whatever confidence people display or charisma it’s not enough to think such persons will come up with ingenious solution when put in leadership position.

Regardless of how smart we think people are and how smart they are really is not a measure of their look. Naturally, when we put competent person in a position of authority,  the effects of his leadership tends to cascade down  to the rest of the organization, turning the organization into genuine role models. For instance, Babatunde Irukere, has been applauded as a competent leader at consumer protection unity, thus the mere mentioned of this unity, organization treat people nicely.

Also, scientific evidences had revealed that quite people tends  to be driven relentless desire to achieve, a rather more astonishing organizational goal than individual success, this is because calm people are high intelligence quotients and goal driven than confidence people who researcher has described as narcissist or psychopath.

Let us compare two powerful women in the world (competent)Vs (confidence).

Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors, despite being the most powerful female executive in the world and the first female  CEO of any car company, consensus driven and  team oriented, and having accomplished more in three years than any CEO, she is notoriously media shy.

Alision Madueke, Nigeria former petroleum minister and defacto president.

She’s arguably the most powerful woman during President Goodluck Johnathan’s administration. Her reign as petroleum minister plunged Nigeria into energy crisis, she’s a narcissistic kind of person. The effects of her being narcissist was  felt across the entire oil and gas industry, making all sort of agreement that further plunged the country into more debit. Her behavior and display of extravagance lifestyle, in turn, made her to deep her hands into national treasure awarding crooked contacts to friends and family.

When we choose humble, unassuming people as our leaders, the world around us  becomes a better place. Paradoxically,  when our search for leaders appear hardwired to saint, superheroesover-glorifying individuals who exude charisma and confidence in disguised as competence, the world around us becomes baldly affected with policy and framework that lacks real progress.

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Truly Ajimobi has transited | By Adebayo Ojo



Right from that very day you called to inform me that you were travelling to Abuja for that ill-fated APC NWC meeting till you returned to Lagos after the meeting and up to your first day of admission at the First Cardiology Hospital till that black 25th June, 2020 when you breathed your last and transited to meet your Creator, I was not in the dark of any of the sequential events.

When the news of your actual and only demise broke, I knew that the worst had happened because of the person who called to break the news to me ahead of its report in online, new media and conventional media.

However, I couldn’t bring myself to terms with the reality that you had indeed exited this terrestrial planet. My refusal to really accept was not due to the fact that you cannot die or that you were to young to die at the age of 70years and 6 months old, but it was just simply difficult if not impossible for me to convince myself that my idolised SAAA had truly taken a graceful exit from world stage.

As my hero, mentor, confidant, leader and role model, I recalled several discussions we had after you concluded your unprecedented tenure as the Governor of Oyo State.

Flashing back the memories of all those confidential briefs and future plans( almost apolitical in all), could it be possible for me to therefore believe that my own Senator Isiaq Abiola Adeyemi Akanji , the father of the modern Oyo State was truly dead? I continually assured and re-assured myself that you are still alive.

With that belief or imagination by me that you are still alive, I refused to join the fray of thousands of people that wrote tributes in honour of your memory.

Fast forward, I attended your janazat(Islamic burial rites), participated in your fidau and every other activities associated with it, but I remained unconvinced.

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However, I came out of my self denial and hallucinations last week friday when I was searching for a Client’s instruction passed to our law firm, A&G in 2018 vide a whatsapp message that was contained in my old and no longer in use S8+ Samsung phone that I had archived in my library at home.
In searching for that instruction, I came accross 86 whatsapp messages and 36 regular SMS messages among numerous others that we exchanged.

It got to a critical point that I broke down in tears and wept bitterly. I wept not because of your demise but because of the contents of those 122 messages. Each of the messages had a common denominator which was your signature whenever Allah(swt) used you severally to run such humanitarian works through me for you which always is ” OJ, no human being apart from you and the God that we are serving must know of this “.

That was always your uncounted admonitions to me whenever you gave me money in Naira and other foreign currency to assist the needies whose plights I brought to your attention regularly.

You gave hope to the hopeless, you saved lives , you created wealth and also built and develop persons that are mostly unknown to you through your kind and humanitarian gestures. Several medical bills were picked up by you in Nigeria and overseas in the same way you paid tuition fees of countless students both at home and abroad, yet you knew not many of them and you never even bothered to know them whenever I insisted otherwise. You were fond of telling me that, “OJ, Allah enjoin us not to let our left hand knows the good deeds we do with our right hand”.

It was at that point that I came out of my hallucination that I had imposed on myself since that 25th June, 2020.

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I thank Allah for your life and all that you were able to do while in this earth that were unprecedented in many respects.

You came, you saw and you conquered. You lived well and I am aware that you fully achieved all that you wanted to do in life.

The cynics and uninformed may mischievously referred to the 2019 loss of Oyo Senatorial seat , but few of us that enjoyed your trust and confidence knew that you had told us that you will exit politics totally after your tenure as the Governor of Oyo State and also that you needed nothing whatsoever again, but the leaders of APC pressured and blackmailed you into accepting to run for that seat against your wish , interest, conviction and spiritual instincts.

On my part, I take solace in the fact that our relationship which is like that of father and son or mentor and mentee was richly rewarding and very fruitful. You were my Benefactor right from the first day that our paths crossed and divinely met. You were my destiny helper 24/7 and indeed one of our common bitterest adversaries rightly summed it up when he derided me after your demise that ” With Ajimobi’s sudden death, OJ is stripped naked”. As callous and harsh as the comment was, that hapless pathological liar was obviously saying the truth this time but in an understatement manner because I am truly and actually *totally* stripped naked.

But have abiding trust and confidence in the living God that you served and countless people that you gave hope through me that you wont forsake me even though you are no longer with us physically but your spirit is very much with us.

SAAA, my relationship with you was not one of blind loyalty because you will never even tolerate sycophancy. You were always open to constructive, deep, engaging, intellectual and issues based criticisms only and you always bow to superior reasonings and you were always acknowledging such.

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You dont suffer fools gladly and you were blunt to a fault just like you were also generous to a fault.

In actual fact , people exploited your generosity to a fault in that they will later deny your acts of benevolence because you will never tell a third party whenever you deployed your personal resources to assist people.

The often offered Islamic rabana( prayer) is what I will offer for you always and it is even the most appropriate and apt for your person considering the privileges that Allah has magnanimously favoured with you while with us here.

May Allah graciously favour and bless with the other part of the prayer by admitting you into aljannah fridaus. Ameen.

Rest on in peace my Leader, my Mentor, my Role model, my Hero and my Benefactor till I will join and meet you on the day of judgement.

I will forever remain Your- OJ, AG the CJ ( in your own words).


Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq., writes from Ibadan, Oyo State 

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