Marriage crash: Uche Jombo’s fans take on bloggers

Uche Jombo and her hubby Kenny Rodriquez

…as she writes them Fans of Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez, Tuesday, took on Nigerian bloggers, calling them home breakers as well as warning them to leave their screen idol alone.

The fans’ reaction came after Uche Jombo called out the bloggers via Instagram post to keep her family affair away from the media. Recall that news went viral recently on the Internet that the actress and her husband, Kenny Rodriguez are now separated. Angered by this unfounded rumour, the actress took to her Instagram page to vent her anger, calling out the bloggers to stay away from her marriage.

She wrote, “Dear Nigerian Bloggers, If you are going make up stories about my life or marriage try facts. Normally I will look at this stupid trending story on me today and look the other way but not Today!!! Enough!!!!! I find your need to create mirage tales of rancour where there are none in chase of a story/news outrageous.

There’s no story here except a woman trying to balance her family life and work in 2 countries. Please leave my family out of your manufactured, made up stories. There are more important stories, real issues in world people are worried about than little old me.” “My only social media cover-up is pretending You “Zero journalistic ethics” people didn’t hurt me by your unfounded and non-factual stories,” she wrote.

Immediately, Uche’s fans started reacting to her post, as they blasted the bloggers, calling them busy body people. One of the posts by badgalshuga read, “Bloggers or whatever there are, they are trying to survive which I understand, but slandering and castigating people have always being their motives.

They cook up lies and share the same to the public and then some illiterate people will grab their stupid posts and start commenting bullshit.” luchitricia10 wrote, “Until people understand what marriage is all about, they won’t talk about other people’s marriages like that, all this single bloggers we are waiting for you to taste marriage then we can reply you.

” Also, @solasunzI wrote, ‘People need to stop lies all in the bid to make money.”

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