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Using pagecarton to put Nigeria on world map of web security




…As Oyo BOI manager says apprenticeship, salesmanship remain panacea to unemployment 


IT was a gathering of  the technology-savvy people and millennials.  Indeed, an assemblage of a galaxy of young guys who are eager to be exposed to the world of web security, hone their skills and poised to change the face of web worldwide using PageCarton.

It was PageCarton Conference which the convener, Mr. Ayoola Falola,described as  the largest gathering of people using PageCarton to change the face of web worldwide.
“We are putting Nigeria on the world map”, Falola enthused while narrating how he started the project.

The PageCarton Conference which kicked off on 20th November, 2018 climaxed over the weekend.

The programme which took place at Nustreams Conference and Culture Centre, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital,was a week-long event featuring
experts/beginners’ training and crash courses, exhibition and demo, discussion sessions, question-and-answer sessions, Ibadan tech tour and lectures from experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology. They included Pastor Francis Madojemu who is a social entrepreneur and architect; Mr. Pacqueens Irabor, the Oyo State Manager of Bank of Industry, (BOI), and a host of others.

Mr. Irabor who spoke on:’Funding Tech-based Start-ups’, urged the participants to focus on products (both tangible and intangible) that people would be interested in.

The Bank of Industry manager said:”Every business that can interest people will never lack funding. If your products is a bundle of joy, people will like it. If  people love it, they will support it. Get products that everybody will love.

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“There are a lot of opportunities on online platforms but focus on facilitating the other people’s businesses.  ‘Lovepreneurship’ in the way to go ,show love to others in business. Entrepreneurship is not the solution to unemployment”.

Irabor argued that  the solutions are in apprenticeship and salesmanship.

While stressing the importance of the two terms, Irabor said:” You don’t have to recreate the wheel.  Anybody  can develop any product but not every body can market products.

“It is sad that we have created a notion for our youth that only entrepreneurship can solve the problem lack of employment in Nigeria, it has been tried many time by our government and the failure is alarming.

“The way out of unemployment is to imbibe apprenticeship and salesmanship, we should give the youth the opportunity for them to reason and do something on their own, without an organisation, our youth can not deliver on their vision because they need an organisation to deliver their vision and to understand how that organisation works”, he said.

He reiterated  that selling already established product by the Nigerian youth and putting themselves in the supply chain and bridging the gap between distributors and buyers will help them a lot.

“There is a lot of experimentations that goes on in the world of business and it is apprenticeship and salesmanship that can make our youth to understand how business is run, lack of enabling environment for business to thrive in Nigeria is even an opportunity for Nigerian youth to thrive in their business”, Irabor added.

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The manager also explained  what the start-ups needed to obtain loans from the Bank of Industry.

The BOI chief said they must have business plans and be committed to the business,adding that what is needed  to secure BOI’s facilities is social collateral.

The founder of PageCarton, Mr. Ayoola Falola said that PageCarton is the leading cyber security in Nigeria, noting that it has put Nigeria on the face of the world map by proclaiming the good image of the country in the world.

“I pride myself as the leading cyber security professional in Nigeria. I decided to create it to proffer solution to the vulnerability issue of cyber security in Nigeria”, he said.

He added that PageCarton was created in a way that it is easy to access even without the help of data (offline), stressing that it is one of its kind in Nigeria and there has never be software of its kind.

Speaking on the uniqueness of  PageCarton Falola said:” It is easier, more secure and compatible to use compare to other softwares”.

Parcipants on the conference expressed their joy about the programme. Deborah Daniels said she had learnt a lot about web security,adding that the conference is an eye-opener to avenues of generating income. Also,Lucky Jeremiah enthused that PageCarton is amazing and it is mind-blowing that it is done by a Nigerian in Nigeria.

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He added that PageCarton was created in a way that it is easy to access even without


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Facebook celebrates key milestones for sub Saharan Africa in 2019




Facebook on Thursday released its ‘2019 Year in Review’ infographic, showcasing just some of its investments across Sub-Saharan in 2019.  Committed to giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, throughout the year this translated into significant support and investments into growing the ecosystem of developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and many other communities.

During 2019, Facebook Africa:

  • Trained over 7,000 woman-owned businesses in digital skills across sub Saharan Africa;
  • Celebrated 79 Community Leadership Circle meetups with over 2 ,650 people attending;
  • Reached its 45th Developer Circle, with circles now in 17 African countries and representing more than 70,000 members;
  • Hosted the first-ever iD8 Nairobi Conference with over 400 African developers and startups in attendance;
  • Expanded Third-Party Fact-Checking across 10 African countries;
  • Announced the creation of the world’s most detailed population density maps of Africa, created by Facebook AI researchers to help humanitarian aid and relief agencies; and much more.

Nunu Ntshingila, Regional Director Facebook Africa, commented: “Africa is important to Facebook, and we’re committed to investing in its youth, entrepreneurs, the creative industries, tech ecosystem as well as its many other communities. Our 2019 Year in Review highlights just some of these investments, and the impact we’ve been able to have here in the region. I’m excited about the future of Facebook and our family of apps here in Africa, as well as the potential of this young, mobile and dynamic continent, and look forward to creating partnerships in 2020 and beyond.”

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Check out the Facebook in Africa infographic to learn more about Facebook milestones and achievements in sub Saharan Africa in 2019.

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Renewable Energy Is Now The Cheapest Option – Even Without Subsidies | By James Ellsmoor




IN recent years, the world has marched towards renewable energy. According to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), unsubsidized renewable energy is now most frequently the cheapest source of energy generation . The report finds that the cost of installation and maintenance of renewables, which was an important stumbling block to mass adoption, continues on a downward trajectory.

Adding to existing efforts made by governments and businesses, these lower costs are expected to propel the mass adoption of renewables even further. The report further touches on the importance of renewables in sustainable development and the need for governments to help achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, coming just months before the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit being held in Abu Dhabi in September this year.

Among other findings the IRENA report highlights that:

  • Onshore wind and solar PV power are now, frequently, less expensive than any fossil-fuel option, without financial assistance.
  • New solar and wind installations will increasingly undercut even the operating-only costs of existing coal-fired plants.
  • Low and falling technology costs make renewables the competitive backbone of energy decarbonization – a crucial climate goal.
  • Cost forecasts for solar PV and onshore wind continue to be revised as new data emerges, with renewables consistently beating earlier expectations.
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Further data from REN21′s Renewable Global Status Report show that over one fifth of global electrical power production is  now generated from renewables.

Growing Environmental Concerns

The detrimental impact of climate change, including more intense heat waves, rising sea levels, and loss of sea ice, is rapidly becoming more apparent across the world. These alarming trends are projected to worsen at a temperature rise of 2°C above pre-industrial levels according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

As the data depicts, ridding the world of fossil fuels and eliminating the impact of climate change relies on championing the adoption of renewables, a roadmap that requires a concerted effort from businesses, governments, and individuals. Sustainable energy continues to be a key priority for the United Nations, which includes energy in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG 7 champions renewable energy adoption for the entire world, requiring governments to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all”.

The Reducing Cost Of Renewables

For many years, financing entities perceived renewables as risky because of high cost, leading to high lending rates for individuals and businesses that need funding for renewable power generation. As the IRENA report depicts, this trend has been on the decline since the early 2000s. The worldwide weighted average cost of electricity from solar power concentration fell by 26%, that of bioenergy reduced by 14%, solar photovoltaics, geothermal, onshore, as well as offshore wind, fell by 14%, and hydropower by 12%.

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Connecting The Dots

These new statistics demonstrate that using renewable energy is increasingly cost-effective compared to other sources, even when renewables must compete with the heavily-subsidized fossil fuel industry . Promising signs in the IRENA report show that more an increasing number of corporates are entering the renewable energy industry as the number of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) rise, meanwhile more than 10 million people are now employed in the global renewable energy industry.


Culled from Forbes



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Facebook Celebrates One Year of NG_Hub




Celebrating exactly a year to the day since the doors of NG_Hub opened in Lagos, and Facebook further cemented its ambitions to train users across Nigeria in digital skills, Facebook released an infographic highlighting key milestones over the past year


Created as part of Facebook’s ongoing commitment and investment in growing the start-up ecosystem, and in partnership with CcHub, NG_Hub is a multi-faceted space which connects and bring together developers, start-up’s and the wider community to collaborate, learn and exchange ideas. With a number of expert training and events with partners across Nigeria, undertaking in the hub and externally, the aim is to equip individuals and businesses to grow.

Some highlights over the past year includes:

  • Trained over 50,800 SMBs in digital skills across 20 states in Nigeria
  • Delivered 526 events with over 11,490 attendees at NG_Hub, including programmes such as AR/VR meetups, FbStart Accelerator Programme, Facebook Community Leaders Community meetings (CLCs), Developer Circle gatherings etc.
  • Directly supported businesses in 11 different industries from agriculture, through to catering, education and fashion

Speaking of its one year anniversary, Adaora Ikenze, Head of Public Policy, West and Central Africa, said: “I’m proud of the incredible impact that NG_Hub has had in its first year, and continues to have on the lives of young Nigerians. We remain committed in deepening our engagement, increasing skills development and supporting the next set of innovators, tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, in our collective bid to change the face of technology and grow the economy.”

Commenting on the partnership Bosun Tijani, Founder/CEO of CcHub, added: “We’re glad about the tremendous impact Facebook’s investment in NG_HUB has had in such a short period and the ecosystem is already seeing the fruits of this commitment. We’re committed to working with Facebook to position NG_HUB as a major platform that drives smart application of technology innovation for economic prosperity across the region and beyond.”   

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