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Family decries ruins of Ogedengbe legacies as they suffered neglects from Aregbesola’s govt.



A former Commercial  School which was later renamed Ogedengbe School of Science located at Isale General in Ilesa West Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria is now in ruins. 

The school which was renamed in the year 2000 to honour the late African warlord and the saviour of the Ijesa people, Ogedengbe Agbogungboro has since been suffering from total neglect from the state government.

Mega Icon Magazine gathered that these schools including Orire Ogedengbe United Primary School, situated along Stadium Road,  Ilesa, which was also named after the warlord, should get a lot more attention, since the governor of the state,  Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is a native of Ijesaland. But, unfortunately, not much is left at the schools named after the ‘Ijesa Saviour’ to tell the story of the legend other than the ruins and pathetic situation, the legacies suffer.

These abandoned, neglected schools show the parlous, pathetic and deplorable situation of the legacies that could have produced more leaders of tomorrow, great scholars, technologists, medical experts and scientists amongst others.

Welcome to Ogedengbe School of Science, Ilesa housing broken windows, broken furniture, falling roofs, ceilings.

The atmosphere of the only science school in Ilesa aptly represents a war torn environment where horrors of war have been demonstrated. The school housed broken windows, broken furniture, falling roofs, and dilapidated structures including fence which was supported by Bamboo trees. The ugly story was the same in Orire Ogedengbe United Primary School, that was named after the legend.

Grounded school bus with evident of several years of abandonment.

Painfully, there are also no toilet facilities, laboratories, desks and chairs in the school as the only school bus remained grounded with evident of several years of abandonment. Currently, the school hall with soiled ceilings and floor is unbefitting and are now homes for rats and other animals to dwell.

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Our reporter who visited the school recently bewildered how these students would cope during scorching sun and heavy downpour of rain as he found all the classrooms in poor condition, with broken doors, windows, scruffy chalkboards. And there were no recreational facilities. Some students were also caught writing an external examination inside the dilapidated school hall since there were no alternatives.

Some students were also caught writing an external examination inside the dilapidated school hall

According to an inside source, one of the teachers in the school who confided in Mega Icon Magazine disclosed that examination bodies have threatened to stop using the school if the school failed to provide a befitting hall for examinations. He stressed further that the government of the day has not been coming to their aide  in spite of several calls made to the authorities.

Interestingly, direct opposite of the school is a newly renovated Elementary School by the Aregbesola led Osun State Government. This makes one wonders why the science school and the primary school named after Ogedengbe were deserted and allowed to suffer total neglect by the Ijesa born governor considering its importance even when the governor happens to be a trained engineer.

Newly renovated Elementary School Governor Aregbesola opposite Ogedengbe School of Science, Ilesa.

Our further checks also revealed that some Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) had earlier supported best students in the school in form of scholarships. Subsequent to the total neglect and insensitivity of the Osun State Government, these schools now poses great security risks to students with the defective structures.

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Orire Ogedengbe United Primary School, Station Road, Ilesa.

Speaking with our reporter, one of the great grandsons of the late warlord, Mr. Olutayo Ogedengbe while expressing his displeasure over the situation, said in spite of Ogedengbe  being a saviour of his kinsmen, he seems to have been forgotten because his legacies are not catered for.

Ogedengbe laments, “I felt very sad because the situation here is not encouraging. No one can learn under this atmosphere, you can see the classrooms. There are a lot to be done here for the children to learn in a conducive environment. When its raining there is nothing one can do to help these pupils. No drinking water,  no toilet.

” As a great warrior, Government supposed to be assisting in looking into this, you can see some schools renovated,  but nothing of such happened here. We have consulted the government severally but no improvement”.  He, however called on the family to come to the rescue of these schools.

Ogedengbe’s tomb remains unmarked

Even when the Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is being perceived as a cultural revivalist who appreciates culture and history, another Ogedengbe’s legacy that has suffered reckless abandonment from his 8 years of sitting on the most exalted seat in Osun State  is the Ogendengbe house of war, the Obanla palace.

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Ogendengbe house of war, the Obanla palace in ruins

High Chief Oyekanmi Ogedengbe Obanla IV who currently occupies the royal stool of his forefathers flayed the neglect of the Africa’s warlord. He lamented that the contributions of this great  idol of Ijesa land have remained unsung and uncelebrated, adding that Ogedengbe Agbogungboro has not been given his deserved honour.

Not only that his grave in the royal house is unmarked, but his valour and gallantry have been relegated to the background and could best be described as a  forgotten hero as the Obanla palace housing several war relics and artifacts also remains in shambles. The compound accommodating courtyards and rooms of various sizes had fallen roofs while most of the walls have caved in.

Commenting further on the neglect, the ruling Obanla  recalled that in 2010 when the family celebrated 100 years of Ogedengbe’s exit, Osun State Government promised to turn the royal house into a tourist attraction centre/monument, but nothing has come up to redeem this pledge.

At this juncture, the proverbial African word which says : ‘same parentage does not compel compassion, only those sent by God shows compassion’ is apt here, may be the next governor of Osun State after Ogbeni Aregbesola might show interest towards reviving the lost legacies of  the African legendary warlord, Ogedengbe Agbogungboro.



COVID-19: Ibadan Poly rector advocates accurate information, as institutions prepare for resumption



The Rector of The Polytechnic, Ibadan (TPI), Professor Kazeem Adebiyi has advocated for keeping of up to date and accurate information as part of management’s efforts to curtail the dreaded Covid- 19 pandemic in our tertiary Institution.

Professor Adebiyi advocated this at a lecture he presented recently at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

Adebiyi who presented a paper on staff/ staff relationship under new norms and values in Education Delivery after Covid -19 stressed the need for the Tertiary Institutions in the country to provide transparent communication in their day to day activities as part of the strategies to curtail the dreaded Covid- 19 pandemic.

He maintained that management of the institutions should as a rule listen to their staff and respond to concerns about their wellbeing.

The Rector, who also  noted that the Management should organise ways to ease the burdens on their staff emphasised that attention must also be given to their mental health and well- being.

He averred that the closure of educational institutions as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid- 19 has affected the education, wellbeing and functioning of all parties involved and efforts must be made to curtail it by living with it safely.

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Ibadan Poly sacks chief lecturer over alleged sexual misconduct



The management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan last Tuesday terminated the appointment of Mr. Ajadi Kelani Ojo Omotosho, a lecturer in the department of Urban and Regional Planning in the institution.


According to a statement signed by the institution’s Registrar/Secretary to the Council, Fawale M.T and made available to Mega Icon Magazine, the lecturer was shown the way out of the citadel of learning for his involvement in act of misconduct which resulted in “embarrassing and tarnishing the image” of The Polytechnic, Ibadan , his employer.


The letter of termination dated 15th September, 2020 , signed by Fawale M.T, the Registrar read, “You will recall that you were engaged in an inappropriate behavior and a poorly managed relationship with your former student. These resulted in embarrassing and tarnishing the image of your employer, The Polytechnic, Ibadan.


“You will also recall your responses and appearances before the investigation panel and senior staff disciplinary committee that looked into the above matters. After a careful consideration of the issues above, the Governing Council found you guilty as your actions and activities amount to misconduct.


“The Governing Council, therefore approved the immediate termination on your appointment with effect from Friday , 11th September,2020. “You are to handover all properties of the institution in your possession to your Head of Department”, the letter concluded.

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‘Many of my classmates called me daddy and taught me law’ – Adeolu Akande



completed law programme after four attempts



I wasn’t the oldest in the class. I think there were at least three persons in the Abuja Campus of the Law School who were above 70 years of age. I, however, belonged to a generation of students called “the Elders,” most of us in our 50s and 60s. I was inspired by many of the older gentlemen, especially those who had been Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, and successful professionals – Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Actors, Journalists, etc. It was an irony that each time some of my younger classmates told me I inspired them, coming to the Law School at my age, I, in turn, took my inspiration from those above 70 and successful men who were in the same class.

My interest in Law was spurred by my interest in politics and the fact that many of the personalities that inspired my interest in politics like Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, Chief Bode Thomas were lawyers. My interest in Law deepened when I had opportunities to work in government (Federal and State), and from there, I concluded that knowledge of Law is a sine qua non for outstanding performance in government. As Chief of Staff to Governor Abiola Ajimobi, there were occasions when we had heated debates on issues. The governor would agree with my position but would end up accepting the counsel of the lawyers in the cabinet. His reasoning was always that if he followed my advice and there was a backlash, he would be left vulnerable. However, he could still take refuge in the fact that he followed the counsel of his lawyers, especially on matters bordering on legal issues. When the governor dissolved the cabinet in 2013, I resolved to go back to school and Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State offered me a serene, stimulating and comfortable environment to pursue my dream.

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It was both challenging and fun attending classes with younger classmates. Many of them called me daddy, and I often found that amusing. Many of them were also quite helpful. I believe this new generation is smarter. They grasp issues much faster, and they are quicker to adapt. They have access to more information and can sustain discussions across many disciplines, having no boundaries between what the older generations classify as “serious” and “unserious”. For instance, they don’t regard versatility in music as a sign of unseriousness. I encountered many of the best students in the class who were nimble dancers and almost fanatical football fans, especially the English Premier League.

Midway into the session, I was astonished when they discussed issues of Law, and I began wondering whether we were in the same class! This inspired me, or more accurately, pressured me to work harder.

Many of them taught me the mathematics aspect of Law, particularly in Corporate Law and Property Law. Believe me, it is helpful when people who are younger than you teach you a subject. You feel challenged to work harder, especially when the one teaching you does not have the patience to repeat himself. One of them once told me, “Daddy, this thing is not as difficult as you make it look! I was slightly jolted, but I calmed down and jokingly told him to take it easy with daddy!

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I feel fulfilled because I finally succeeded in finishing the law programme after four attempts. I had to withdraw after one year at the University of Ibadan because some of my colleagues wrote a petition that I was a full-time staff of the Nigerian Tribune, so I had no business enrolling for a full-time law programme. I would have finished in 2001. I tried a second time to run the programme in 2010 at Buckingham University in the United Kingdom, but family commitments made me abort the trip a few days to my departure. I did one year with the University of London External Degree programme in 2014 but opted out when it looked like the Council of Legal Education would not shift ground on not allowing correspondence students to attend the Nigerian Law School. I felt there was no point reading law if you would not appear as counsel in court.

Law School is tough. You work round the clock. You must achieve 75 percent class attendance. You must attend group meetings and complete the daily assignments. You must be well prepared for every class as you may be called to anwer questions in class and you will not want to disgrace yourself before more than a thousand classmates amongst who call you daddy. Failing the bar examination was no option. In truth, it crossed my mind a number of occasions that it was quite possible to flunk the final bar examination. I always shrugged it off and wished it away, but felt pressured to work harder. The only reward for hard work is more work, and I am glad it has ended in praise.

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To God be the glory.


Professor Adeolu Akande is a Professor of Political Science and Public Administration.He chairs the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

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