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GSM, When Will Sharafadeen Alli’s Prayers Be Answered?



Politics of preservation manifests in Oyo state, as political gladiators realign to protect and further hiding interests. The people of Oyo state clamoured for change of government, when the former occupant of the Agodi Government House, Senator Abiola Ajimobi was subjected to the public through wholesale media attacks , blackmailing, campaign of calumny with huge Pull Him Down (PHD) strategies by his political adversaries.

He was crucified , nailed to the cross, and they were able to achieve their sole aim which was to score cheap political points, as well as short circuit his political strength and that of his party, the APC in the state.

Despite his brilliant policies tailored at improving the lives of the people, yet, they manipulated the electorates against him and made them believed that the Abiola Ajimobi led administration’s policies were anti- people without human face. The political actors were able to sell their agenda through the media and it was assumed that the ‘injuries’ inflicted by the immediate past administration in the state were unbearable. Then , mediocrity reigned supreme in every aspect of life.

Indeed, for long, when he held sway, the then Governor Abiola Ajimobi had worked assiduously for his senatorial ambition and also to install a successor. A great number of those who called the shots in the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) especially those who had earlier benefitted from his political style felt disenchanted, frustrated and confused when other members of the party are about to benefit from the same political system.

Taking the risk as usual, former Deputy Governor (Operations) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Chief Adebayo Adelabu emerged as the governorship candidate of the then ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo state.

This resulted in most of the political actors in the party and members working at cross purposes with the party, which is beyond Senaco, Lamist struggle, since Ajimobi was alleged to had hijacked the party structure.

Interestingly, Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) eventually secured the gubernatorial ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). But, for a former governor in the state, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, remaining in the PDP meant a bleak future for him. He, then left with his supporters for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and later to the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) with Sharafadeen Alli, secretary to the state government, when Ladoja was Governor, while Sen. Olufemi Lanlehin remained in the ADC to pursue his governorship ambition.

At the end of it all, Chief Ladoja and others saw the need to come together to fight their common enemy – Abiola Ajimobi, who is becoming the emerging political godfather in the state. They realised that participating separately under various political umbrellas comprising the ADC, PDP and ZLP will further confirmed their enemy’s status as the political godfather in Oyo state as the coast was more clearer for the APC candidate, Chief Adebayo Adelabu to becoming the next occupant of the Agodi Government House.

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Chief Ladoja went further to midwife and lead a collation where the major opposition parties in the state adopted Seyi Makinde of the PDP, as Sarafadeen Alli and Senator Olufemi Lanlehin sacrificed their governorship ambitions which now serves as tool for bargaining. Members of the political class insisted that Makinde occupies the Agodi Government House and the support base went beyond party line.

The coalition is the first time in the history of the state that opposition parties agreed to ‘gang up’ against the ruling party in the state.


The event which took place at the NUJ Press Centre, Iyaganku, Ibadan was well attended by political elites and footsoldiers targeted at promoting the need for a change of baton. The people were continuously sensitized on why they should vote responsibly, curiously, the much awaited change has commenced and the people have changed the song .

Meanwhile, five opposition parties in the state successfully presented a coalition governorship candidate, Engr Seyi Makinde to run against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).


The parties in the coalition include African Democratic Congress (ADC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Zenith Labour Party (ZLP), Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the New Progressive Movement (NPM).


Speaking at the event, Sen. Lanlehin said, “It is no longer news that a good number of parties in Oyo state have deliberated intensely over the last few weeks and have come to the resolution that there is an urgent need to free our dear state from the shackles of outside oppression and domination.


“We have therefore decided that in order to present an effective and workable solution to the unpalatable situation where Oyo State has been remotely controlled for the past 8 years by outside forces and all manner of constituted authority, there is the need to form this alliance of political parties in the state.


“We have firmly resolved to present one candidate in the person of Engineer Oluseyi Makinde of the Peoples Democratic Party for the office of Governor at the elections holding on 9th March, 2019.


“He shall be heading by the special grace of God and the power of the people of Oyo State, a Government of Unity which will cater for the interest of all our people irrespective of political association.”


Other governorship candidates, Sharafadeen Alli (ZLP), Bolaji Ayorinde (SDP) and Col. Feyisayo Ladoye (NPM) appealed to their supporters to vote for Makinde.


Also, in his short remarks, Chief Ladoja submitted : “It is my pleasure to present to you the agreed candidate for the election coming up on Saturday March 9, and who Insha Allah, will become governor-elect on that day, and will be subsequently sworn in on May 29 as governor of Oyo State.

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“He is my son. I present to you Engineer Seyi Makinde.”


Political barriers were broken ; politicians were united in the quest to have a change of leadership in the state. In the government today, is the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and on the number one seat is Seyi Makinde. This was achieved courtesy of the agreement between the major political actors.

The members speaking incognito also disclosed that the incumbent Governor had series of agreements with members of the political class. According to a source in the know, the mutual understanding revolved round positions in cabinet, local governments and parastatals . But the source laments that Seyi Makinde refused to keep its own part of the agreement completely or to a satisfactory level , so to say .

“Look closely at his cabinet and other bodies in government, you will see the manifestations of failed agreement, where is Alli or Lanlehin? Aside from Baba Ladoja, these are the major political juggernauts in the coalition”, one of the members argued.

Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) has repeatedly maintained that governance transcends party affiliation, while assuring that he would take care of all the interests. But party loyalists find it difficult to understand the governor’s statement.

Shockingly, cracks hit the coalition parties in the state, three months after they forged an alliance that ousted the All Progressives Congress from the seat of power.

The governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the March 9 election, Senator Olufemi Lanlehin, publicly announced his withdrawal from the alliance.

The ADC guber nominee, in a statement by his media office in Ibadan, said “I, Senator Olufemi Lanlehin (Solan), Oyo State Leader of the ADC, hereby announces forthwith, my personal withdrawal from the coalition with Seyi Makinde, the Oyo State Governor.”

Lanlehin, who hinged his decision to quit the coalition on what he tagged Makinde’s non-compliance with the spirit and letters of the terms of the governorship pre-election agreement, also maintained that his party (the ADC) was at liberty to remain in the coalition, and believed it should, in fact, remain.

The former Senator added that he remained a committed member of the ADC, but would adopt a ‘siddon look’ posture in the governance of Oyo State and allied matters.

Considering the configuration of the PDP led government in Oyo state, under the leadership of Engr Seyi Makinde, political observers averred that the best man that can stabilize the present administration as its Scribe (Secretary to the State Government) is Akogun Sharafadeen Abiodun Alli due to his cognate experience in the art of politics and governance as a former local government chairman, ex Secretary to the State Government and ex Chairman, Oodua Investment among others.

Governor Makinde, his Chief of Staff, Oloye Bisi Ilaka and other allies in the government are from private sector with little or no experience as far as public administration and governance is concern, the political watchers added.

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Fear of the unknown gripped the occupant of the Agodi Government House, believing that the Ibadan Chief, Akogun Alli, is a threat to his future political ambition and conceding such a position to him or any other relevant role may jeopardise his chances, thus a less prominent role such as an ordinary member of the state advisory council was offered to the ZLP governorship candidate with a view to regulating the growth of his political wings.

Political analysts in the state suggested that a good politician will risk it to keep the last man standing, Akogun Alli at bay, since Lanlehin is old and cannot contest again in 2023.

Though, political observers also believed that he has committed political harakiri considering the ‘kangaroo coalition’ and efforts targeted at  sending him to political oblivion, but as a political strategist, Alli has not been successfully displaced or thrown into the dustbin of history, he remains one of the threats to Makinde in 2023.

However, there are nagging questions that requires resolute answers: Was there not agreement between ZLP, PDP and ADC and others before the 2019 guber election? Why not fulfil the agreement for the sake of prosperity? Was the PDP credible enough to dislodge the APC, if not for the alliance?


Another technocrat from the private sector, Mrs Olubamiwo Adeosun, was appointed as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) by Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) while other juicy positions have been doled out to perceived ‘alter egos’ whom were also technocrats. Alli has remained silent and inactive  since he has tactically rejected the offer ( Member, Advisory Council).

Presently, neglected politicians are keenly studying the game and forming clusters among  themselves for future political games if the status quo remains.

For now, political climate in Oyo state is conducive for governance and development depending on Governor Seyi Makinde’s administrative acumen, but political quagmire may begin after the first two years.

GSM, When Will Alli’s Prayers Be Answered?



By Idowu Ayodele



JAGABAN: Nigeria Greatest ‘Game Changer’ @ 68 | By Abba Dukawa



Thomas Mann once declared that ‘the destiny of man presents its meaning in political terms ‘. That is to say, in our contemporary experience, it is difficult to make clear separations or distinctions between the politics of life and the life of politics.


Once again  our greatest undisputable Nigeria political strategist marks quiet   68 years birthday. Jagaban  Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu a founding member of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) and , he was elected as an  Senator of the Federal Republic Nigeria to represent Lagos West Senatorial District In 1992.  After  annulment of the June 12, 1993  Presidential Election he stood with   likely winner of the election and engaged the military for the very soul of Nigeria.


Asiwaju Tinubu became a founding member of the famous pro-democracy group, the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) suffered many arrests and detention, harassments and constant threats to his life.Despite the high risked of daring the  militarization of the Nigerian politics but did not give up the struggle. When the last military government set for restoration of democratic governance and the rule in the country. He returned to Nigeria to heed a call for all Nigerians to join in the National Reconciliation and Development. In 1999 elected Executive Governor of Lagos State on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy (AD).


Even his political foes believe that Bola Tinubu is a sagacious and dogged politician  in 2003, Alliance for Democracy (AD) considered an alliance with then President Olusegun Obasanjo, in order to have the president endorsed for re-election in return for the AD holding on to its six South-West states.


As an astute political strategist  Asiwaju survived the massive incursion of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the South Western States  as the lone re-elected Governor of the Alliance for Democracy (AD).


His  refusal to enter the deal and it turned out to be his saving grace – he was the only AD governor to win his re-election as the PDP swept away the rest.  As as the lone AD governor puts him  on a regular collision course with the PDP-controlled Federal Government, especially on his creation of additional 37 Local Council Development Areas for Lagos States. In spite of   Obasanjo’s  administration deliberate  withheld statutory allocation of the Lagos State Local Government funds for almost three years Lagos state survived   until Supreme Court ruled that   Obasanjo’s  administration should release the seized statutory allocation of the Lagos State Local Government funds.

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The Jagaban Borgu   actively involved in the creation of the Action Congress (AC) political party as recourse to the decimated Alliance for Democracy (AD) and was able won  back four of the states.


Based on Tinubu’s outstanding policies makes the  State an exceptional and the foremost   in the country  by ensuring the state generate more internally revenue without reliance more on  monthly  federation account allocation  In 2007 left Lagos state government house by making the state more self-relient state in the country by making the state generate more internally revenue without reliance on monthly  federation account allocation. Many described him as a dynamic and visionary leader, seasoned administrator, courageous fighter,  defender of the oppressed, foremost philanthropist, and man of the people.


After Jagaban Borgu left Lagos state government house in 2007, he, however, did not give up the struggle for strong and formidable opposition party in the country especially during the 2011 general elections. Because  After the parliamentary elections in 2011 shows that the People’s Democratic Party would retain the presidency, members of the two parties met to discuss the prospect of forging an alliance that would have a realistic chance of defeating the PDP’s  candidate, Goodluck Jonathan. But after collapse of the alliance talks between the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has been blamed on Tunde Bakare, the CPC’s candidate for Vice-President for  refusal to sign a predated resignation letter irked the leaders of the ACN who decided to opt out of a planned “grand coalition” and go it alone.


Nigeria’s   political strategist not lose hope on having a  formidable opposition party in the country, in  May 2013 three major parties the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP)  have  float a mega platform All Progressive Congress (APC) to oust the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.

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Without Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu self sacrifice there would not be All Progressive Congress at the centre in 2015 and 2019 despite his interest to governing the country but choice to support  and contributed significantly toward emerged of than General Muhammadu Buhari as APC Presidential candidate and used his resources in marketing him to electorate especially in  the SouthWest Geopolitical zone.


Tinubu is a man of many parts, whose political profile has now dwarfed his rich resume as a professional accountant and financial surgeon, boardroom guru, strategic economic planner and socialite.  There is no evidence to show that Tinubu was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. former governor is always bubbling with energy, zeal, enthusiasm and optimism. This may have been bedrock of his successes in his chosen fields of endeavor.


One thing that has helped to sustain the prosperity of Tinubu’s ideas is his eye for excellence with which he recruits future leaders. Leadership grooming has been found as the forte of great leaders and statesmen. Tinubu is an enigma, what many fail to recognise is how he has over the years blended a crop of new leaders that have turned out to become change-agents and drivers in both Lagos State, Nigeria and the world at large. He has allowed his charisma to infect many young people, thereby enhancing the fructification of his ideas in politics and the professions.
President Muhammadu Buhari has showered encomiums on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu  praised as   inspiring great leadership in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, saying Asiwaju’s greatest strength lies in his ability to look beyond religious, ethnic and political stereotyping, embracing the reality of Nigeria as one entity, and extending his warmth, acumen and experience to other parts of the country, particularly in difficult times like the current struggle against COVID-19.
Senate President, Ahmad Lawan,  described the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC),  as “an inspirational political leader and champion of national unity and development and his political life, Asiwaju Tinubu has doggedly groomed leaders, set development templates and built bridges for national integration and cohesion, all of which he sees as necessary tools for robust development and great nationhood.
 The Speaker of the House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila describes   National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as a great phenomenon in Nigerian politics, saying his belief in Democratic tenets was unparalleled. Myself as a product of the Tinubu’s school of politics, I learn every day from the Jagaban, and I have no regrets whatsoever being one of his close political associates over the years. To me, he has been a worthy mentor all these years sating as a product of the Tinubu’s school of politics, he has no regrets whatsoever being one of his close political associates.


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Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives also  described the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as an “outstanding politician who has contributed immensely to Nigeria’s democracy, saying saying: “Going by his antecedents and political sagacity, Tinubu is not just the Jagaban of Borgu, but the Jagaban of contemporary Nigerian democracy and politics.


As Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is celebrating his 68th birthday with “preliminary thoughts on the economic action” the country might take should coronavirus “mortally threaten” our economy saying Government should announce a tax credit or partial tax reduction for firms. VAT should be suspended for the next 2-4 months. This will help lower import costs and protect against shortages.


Jagaban  Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu    have been such an inspirational leader to Nigerians  as you celebrate your  68th Birthday  it’s my prayer that God will open the gates of heaven and shower upon you unlimited blessings. Wishing you the greatest of birthdays.

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Varsity Don, Dibu Ojerinde Cautions Against Anti-Ajimobi Protests Over APC Nomination




Prof. Dibu Ojerinde

An international educational administrator and prominent indigene of Oke-Ogun in Oyo State, Professor ‘Dibu Ojerinde has appealed for cautions among leaders and members of the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress over reported protests coming from the camp of an aggrieved group against the recent nomination of Senator Abiola Ajimobi as Deputy National Chairman (South) of the party.

Ojerinde’s call came in the wake of recent media reports which revealed the opposition of some aggrieved Oyo APC chieftains and leaders to the nomination of the former governor to succeed Chief Adeniyi Adebayo from Ekiti state (now the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment) in that party leadership capacity. Notable figures reported to be opposed to Ajimobi’s nomination are former deputy governor, Chief Moses Adeyemo, Alhaji Akin Olajide (former SSG in Ajimobi government), Sen. Adesoji Akanbi, Alh. Fatai Ibikunle among others.

In a statement he personally issued today from his Igboho country home and made available to journalists in Ibadan, Prof. Ojerinde described protests against Sen. Ajimobi’s recommendation for the top party leadership job as unnecessary and ill-conceived “in view of the fact that the idea was a brainchild of eminent APC stakeholders from virtually all the five other south western states as a matter of political exigency.

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“The former governor may have inevitably offended some of these people while in office and I understand this was also responsible for the crisis which engulfed Oyo APC in 2018 as it was allowed to drag until the party lost the governorship seat to the PDP in 2019 general election. But these same elders and leaders should find a way of resolving this among themselves once and for all in the interest of their teeming members and the state.

“A situation whereby they allowed such grievances to cost them the coveted governorship seat must not continue in the interest of the party and the society at large. This has always been my position as a leader of thought in the state. I expressed the same opinion yesterday when I had a cause to visit one of these aggrieved leaders in Igboho and again, I am using this medium to appeal to other concerned individuals or groups to bury all the hatchets permanently.

“In the opinion of many political watchers, the seemingly intractable crisis within Oyo APC is inimical to the progress of the state simply because the party can boast of many quality hands who are capable of adding value to the state and Nigeria as a country if afforded the opportunity to work together as a team and not as warring entities.

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“My own sincere appeal is to every stakeholder within the party to work towards finding a lasting solution to the internal wrangling and guide against anything capable of causing schism among them again as all hands must be on deck to restore the full confidence of the voting public on the progressive party which was still able to have a comfortable majority in the population of National Assembly members from the state despite all odds in 2019”, the Professor Emeritus of Tests and Measurement stated.

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Oyo LG Crisis: ALGON condemns Makinde’s proposal, says ‘payoff’ violates anti corruption war



The Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Oyo State chapter has condemned the suggestion by Governor Seyi Makinde to pay them off, describing the idea as antithetical to the war against corruption.

Contained in a letter written to the Counsel to the State Government, Mr Akin Onigbinde SAN by ALGON through its lawyer, Kunle Sobaloju Esq , the sacked elected chairmen said the suggestion is a disservice to the people of their local government and Oyo State to collect financial compensation in lieu of their constitutionally guaranteed tenure.

The Association also expressed appreciation to the government for recognizing and acknowledging their mandate as the democratically elected officials of the 33 Local Council and 35 local development areas respectively by offering to pay them their salaries.

“We refer to your letter dated 20th February, 2020 and have brought the contents of the said letter to the notice of our client which they have considered, and by this letter, we wish to communicate their response to you.

The letter reads, “We have our clients’ instruction to express their appreciation to his Excellency for recognizing and acknowledging our clients’ mandate as the democratically elected Chairmen and Councilors of the 33 Local Government Councils and 35 LCDAs in Oyo State by offering to pay them their salaries and allowances due.

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“However, our clients consider it a disservice to the people of their respective Local Government Areas and the entire people of Oyo State to collect financial compensation as proposed by you in lieu of their constitutionally guaranteed election tenure.

“Our Clients are equally of the view that accepting financial compensation by way of your calculated salary and severance allowance would amount to aiding the breach of the constitution and may also lead to violation of anti-corruption laws by collecting salaries and allowances for a futuristic job tenure yet to be lived out.

“We therefore have our clients’ instruction to inform you that the financial pay off proposed is unacceptable to them.

“We appreciate your efforts towards the amicable settlement of issues between the parties and convey our professional regards of the highest esteem”, the letter concluded.

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