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Exclusive:  Ladoja douses impeachment tension in Oyo Assembly



It is no more news that political tension is brewing at the Oyo State House of Assembly as some members are clandestinely moving for the Impeachment of the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin.

However, the tension that heightened in Ibadan, the state capital in preparatory to Ogundoyin’s  impeachment  has been partially laid to rest, Mega Icon Magazine exclusively gathered.

An inside source who craved anonymity alleged that the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Abiodun Mohammed Fadeyi who is  enjoying support from the state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde  is also eyeing the seat. Fadeyi represents Ona-Ara State Constituency.

Reacting to the allegation as well as the development that occurred at the Tuesday’s plenary, Hon. Fadeyi, who denied the impeachment plot submitted: “That I am eyeing the Speakership seat? I don’t have anything to say my brother. First and foremost, there is nothing to talk about, the Speaker took a decision and the decision is done, so what is my own about   I am eyeing the speakership seat,  where is that story coming from ?

“My brother, I am a journalist of over twenty five years and I know what I am talking about. On what you have been asking me I don’t have any comment on it and there is no issue in the House ;no problem in the House. The House is one and we are working for the development and the growth of our state”, the Deputy speaker concluded.

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The impeccable source further confirmed to this newspaper that the Speaker, Hon Ogundoyin from Ibarapa East State Constituency would have been impeached by now if not for the intervention of former  Governor Rasidi Ladoja.  He disclosed that Ladoja who is presently out of the country has reached out to Governor Makinde advising him to ensure that the members shunned the unsavoury plot to impeach Ogundoyin at this early hours of his administration.

According to him, “Our leader, Baba Ladoja has intervened. He advised Governor Makinde not to allow such. Baba also noted that it will be too early to precipitate unnecessary crisis because the governor may not be able to manage the crisis till the end of his administration. Such a move will create tension and instability.

“He urged Governor Makinde to consider the adverse effects which may bring about distractions. You know the Speaker started his political career from Baba. Ladoja is spearheading the move to save Ogundoyin from being disgraced out of office”, he hinted.

The source added that Governor Makinde has also doused the impeachment tension as he  prevailed on aggrieved members of the State House of Assembly, noting that he was convinced that the time was neither right or healthy for the state to experience such uneasy calm.

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The political game has also cost Hon. Olagoke Akinajo, who is representing Ibadan North East State Constituency I, the Chairmanship of House Committee on Public Works and Transport.

The embattled lawmaker, Olagoke at the Tuesday’s plenary, was unceremoniously removed by the Speaker. Interestingly, Ogundoyin and Akinajo are from the same political party, the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP).

It was also learnt that the PDP controlled State House of Assembly’s loyalty to Governor Makinde is not yielding ‘fruitful benefits’ for the lawmakers as some members lamented of been sidelined.

The lawmakers are silently grumbling over lack of official cars, constituency allowance among others in the last twelve months, except their monthly salaries and allowances which is over two million naira monthly.

Meanwhile, members have agreed to a 30 per cent cut in their monthly allocation to assist the state government in its bid  to pay salaries of workers as COVID-19 affects global economy.

The deduction include the lawmakers’ salaries and other monthly allowances.

These lawmakers, according to our source are unable to facilitate any meaningful projects to their various constituencies and they are being attacked by their constituents for non -performance.




Breaking News: Ex-Governor Ajimobi’s Aide, Aboderin Joins PDP




The All Progressives Congress (APC) nominee for the Ibadan Southeast/Northeast Federal House of Representatives in Oyo state during the 2019 general election, Deji Aboderin on Sunday dumped his party for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Aboderin was the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

He alleged that the party leadership worked against his electoral victory in the last election

Details later

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Crisis brews in Oyo APC over alleged plan to expel Shittu




Fresh crisis is brewing in the Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), following  alleged moves to expel former Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, from the party.

Leaders of the party in the state loyal to former Governor Abiola Ajimobi, were alleged of mounting pressure on executives of the party in his Ward 2 and Saki West local government area to expel him.

It was gathered that events leading to this began when four APC local government Chairmen representing Forum of APC Local Government Chairmen in Oyo State, paid a visit to the former Minister Shittu about a month ago preaching the need for reconciliation in the party which he did not object to.

A source at the meeting however disclosed that Shittu told the chairmen that to achieve genuine reconciliation there are conditions which must be met in order for the aggrieved members to have a sense of belonging.

The first condition which the former Minister said must be met according to the source was that members of the party particularly those who belonged to the Unity Forum group who purchased nomination forms during the last state congress but not allowed to be part of the party primaries must be refunded their money.

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Other condition was the dissolution of the party executives at all levels and to be reconstituted at the ratio of 50/50 between members loyal to Ajimobi called SENACO and the aggrieved members who belonged to Unity Forum which Shittu insisted were the only ones who bought forms during the last state congress.

The former Minister also said the state Chairman of the party must come from the Unity Forum, noting that the SENACO group has continued to produce the Chairman since the formation of the party in the state.

The source added that the party chairmen then assured Shittu that since they had the blessings of the leadership of the party in the state for their meeting with him and that they would deliver his message which they agreed with in totality to the right quarters.

“It was a frank discussions that the former Minister had with the party chairmen who told him that the meeting had the blessings of the leadership of the party in the state and that the conditions he gave were important and necessary for genuine reconciliation in the party.

“They then assured him that they would get back to him after reporting back to the leadership of the party with a promise that the meeting with him was a step in the right direction”, the source explained.

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He added that trouble started when the party chairmen reported back to the leadership of the party in the state who accused them of trying to hand over the party to Shittu and his group in Unity Forum with the conditions that they agreed with him at the detriment of members in SENACO group.

” To stop further agitation for genuine reconciliation by Shittu, a marching order was given to the executives of the party in his ward, Ward 2 and Saki West local government area to expel him from the party which the executives resisted, insisting that the former Minister is an important and reliable member who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the party”.


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Not Yet Uhuru As Oyo Speaker  Still Under Impeachment Web 



In spite of the intervention of former Governor Rashidi Ladoja to douse the impeachment tension in the Oyo State House of Assembly, it is difficult to conclude that plans to remove the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin have been finally laid to rest.

After close to a year that the Speaker, Ogundoyin has been in the saddle of  affairs in the state House of Assembly, there had been clandestine moves by some aggrieved members to boot the number three citizen of the state out of the power game.

Very recently, it became clear that there was something more serious to the aggrieved lawmakers than mere dousing tension. The dissatisfied camp are seriously strategizing on how to execute the impeachment process.

It was reliably gathered that the crux of the matter was their  loyalty to Governor Seyi Makinde which they claimed was not yielding any ‘fruitful benefits’ as expected.

Sources  told Mega Icon Magazine that the lawmakers are silently grumbling as they find it extremely difficult to service the loans they took from financial institutions. The sources revealed that the least loan obtained from these banks was twenty million naira (N20,000,000).

Unfortunately, before they agreed to a 30 per cent cut in their monthly allocation to assist the state government in its bid to pay salaries of workers as COVID-19 affects global economy, their monthly salaries and allowances was over two million naira.

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And; the deduction in support of COVID-19 include salaries and other monthly allowances.

“Let me shock you my brother, after deduction for the loans obtained, most of these lawmakers are left with only fifty thousand naira (N50,000) monthly and they have constituents to attend to in their various constituencies. No official car, constituency allowance to even facilitate any meaningful project.

“Now that they have agreed to a 30% cut in their monthly allocation, its really going to be hard. Thus, they feel that the Speaker, Ogundoyin who is aware of their plight has not been protecting their interests before Governor Makinde. They lamented of been sidelined by the Speaker and funny enough, the PDP controls this present House of Assembly conveniently.

“To them, Ogundoyin isn’t fit to lead the Assembly”, one of the sources disclosed.

Speaking further, he continued, “the Speaker is also perceived as an enemy by members whom were believed to be working with some people at the corridors of power. These people are loyal to the governor and are behind the alleged impeachment of the Deputy Governor, Engr. Raufu Olaniyan.

“They believed Ogundoyin is also doing the deputy governor’s bid and showing him the exit door would be the best option “.

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Interestingly, the new political twist in the Oyo State House of Assembly was to seek a revenge for the lawmaker representing Ibadan North East State Constituency I, Hon. Olagoke Akinajo, who was unceremoniously removed by the Speaker as the Chairman, House Committee on Public Works and Transport.

His colleagues, particularly, lawmakers from Ibadan land are ready to confront the Speaker on his decision which they considered as embarrassing. Olagoke is an Ibadan Mogaji.

However, other lawmakers that are also loyal to the Speaker, Hon. Ogundoyin are closely monitoring the political trend. Obviously, it is not yet Uhuru as pro and anti Ogundoyin still have an unsettled business to resolve.

But, only time will tell.

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