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Ekiti Will Engage Youths in Value Orientation , Cultural Promotion – DG



The Director General, Ekiti State Council of Arts and Culture, Ambassador Wale Ojo Lanre has urged youths to be part of the cultural reorientation and promotion of traditional heritage in the state.


Ojo Lanre said this while interacting with leadership of  the Federation of Ekiti State Students, Ekiti State University Chapter, who visited him in his office in Ado Ekiti.


He said the council’s mandate was to rejuvenate, promote and support any idea that would enhance creativity, job creation and add value to the people of the state.


“You are the strength of the nation, you need to be involved in the development of the land especially in  promotion of local festivals and traditional events, not in a violent way but in a way that will redefine  and take our culture to a greater level of economic development.


“I expect you to come out with a solid plan and agenda that will enhance cultural activities and creativity among you, most of you are talented and culturally endowed and traditional activities will showcase you to the world.” the DG said.


Earlier in his remarks, the President, Federation of Ekiti State Students, Ekiti State University (EKSU ) chapter, Mr Alagbeleye Temitayo averred that  the activities of the Council since the assumption of duty of the Director General  has been a great source of inspiration to the body.

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Also, in his contribution, the Senate President of the Association, Mr Adewale Damilola appreciated the Director General for his words of encouragement which according to him has given them another clue at harnessing their talent which they hope would be of immense benefit to all stakeholders  as they hope to present a working proposal as a way of collaboration between the body and the council.



Untold story of sex for passport saga at Nigeria Embassy in Germany



The recent news which gone viral with a video clip alleging that a Nigerian Embassy staff in Berlin,  Germany, one Mr Martins, was  engaged in sex for passport / visa  racketeering and fraud  has been found to be  maliciously subjective  and a deliberate attempt to cast aspersion, dent the image of the Embassy and intimidate the staff into accepting unethical practices  as the norm.

According to a fact-checking news organization based in Paris , – Bureau The Truth described  the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin as one of the very few  best Embassies in the world where the staff strictly adhere and comply with the oath of service and the official charter of duties without compromising or bending the rules.

Bureau The Truth disclosed that the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin has consistently for many years proved to be impregnable for passport /visa racketeers shunned malpractices and diligently mobilized its staff into servicing the needs and attention of Nigerians in Germany and carried out its diplomatic function.

The fact-checking news organization revealed that this seemingly hardliner modus operandi of the Embassy and its staff has been a cog in the wheel of operation of a clique of Nigerians from a particular ethnic group which specializes in Nigeria passport racketeering, child trafficking and immigration sharp practices.

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According to Bureau the Truth, Nigeria Embassy in Germany has been able to wade off immigration rats and cockroaches mainly because of its internal security mechanism which Mr Martins has dutifully guarded and coordinated.

Bureau The Truth revealed that Mr Martins is a man of integrity at his duty post and has never been found wanting in his course of duty and he has never been alleged or being suspected of any official malaise .

The fact-checking organization disclosed further that Mr Martins seemed to be a thorn in the flesh of intruders into the Embassy as his no-nonsense posture at work has made him an enemy of fraudsters who find it hard to penetrate the Embassy.

Bureau The Truth investigation disclosed that, the alleged Mr Martins is not in any official capacity of influence  to issue a passport / visa or interfere in the process of passport /visa-issuing adding that it found out from its investigation that the video on viral was a deliberate setup.

Bureau The Truth pointed out that there is nothing in the video which indicate any discussion relating to visa or any diplomatic business.

“A  thorough analysis of the video has nothing to show or any discussion about passport /visa or diplomatic business but a deliberate incursion into another man’s privacy by a set of people whose intention is evil and who were forcing their voices on their victim ‘

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Bureau The Truth opined that the video has a touch of ethnic affiliation as the voices were a mix of English and an ethnic language belonging to Nigeria.

It also pointed out that the said video had only Mr Martins who was being bombarded with a flurry of comments without allowing him to have a say and without showing his alleged partner.

Bureau The Truth also observed that one of the invaders of Mr Martins’ privacy was heard telling him why he always refused to take whatever instruction issued to him by another colleague in the office .

Bureau The Truth called on the Nigerian Ambassador in Germany to ensure a thorough investigation of the case with clinical and precise format devoid of media siege and blackmailing tendencies pointing out that the profile, integrity, precedent and business activities of those in the video should be thoroughly perused, audited and noted.

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National Issues

‘Only good governance will silence Social media criticism’, says NCC Chief



The Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC),Professor Adeolu Akande has said only good governance will silence social media from its criticism of government.

The NCC boss who spoke as Guest Speaker at the Annual Lecture of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, (NUJ) Oyo State chapter in Ibadan, on Tuesday also noted  that the agitation against the social media because of criticism of government through the medium will not stop such criticism,saying when government performs well,the social media is bound to respond positively.

According to him, “When government performs well,the social media is abuzz with praises for the government. When government fails,the social media is abuzz with condemnation. The best way to silence the social media is to strive and do well”.

Speaking on the topic,”Revisiting the role of journalism in Good Governance in Nigeria”, Professor Akande averred that the media promotes good governance by playing the role of  watchdog, civic forum and agenda setting for government.

He said the media is important in the quest for good governance because many elements of good governance like transparency, accountability, greater participation in government, access to information, rule of law and human rights, cannot be achieved without the media.

The professor of Political Science identified Paid News Journalism ans Social Media as two new developments with great impact on the role of journalism in promoting good governance.

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On Paid News which he said is the institutionalised commercialisation of news, Akande said it undermines the credibility of the media before the public because news is supposed to be well researched and objective.

“The public takes whatever news that come from the media as gospel truth. When it turns out that such news are not true or not objective and altruistically produced,this erodes the confidence of the public in the media and weakens its capacity to promote good governance.

The Don emphasized that the advent of the social media has changed the fortune of journalism in Nigeria and worldwide. He said the social media produces news real time and offer other services the media offers in a way that challenges the continued existence of the mainstream media even while its excessess has raised concerns in many quarters.

Professor Akande called on the federal government to intensify its financial  interventions in the media industry because the sector is going through trying period and should not be allowed to go into paralysis because of its critical role in promoting good governance and national development.

The NCC Chief further argued that just like  the collapse of banking and aviation sectors would affect the econony adversely,the collapse of the media industry will equally have devatating effect on the society.

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“The effect of the parlous  econony  may not manistest quickly in the media sector as it does in banking and aviation,but the truth is that the  effect would be devatastating on the society.

He lauded the federal government for the initiative to support  the media industry with access to single digit loan to survive the economic challenges caused by COVID 19 pandemic.




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Yuletide: Observe COVID-19 safety protocols, virus still in our midst, Oyo govt. warns residents




Oyo state government , on Tuesday, warned residents to continue to strictly observe the COVID-19 safety protocols, as it declared that the virus is still very much around.

An advisory by the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) of the state warned that COVID-19 “is still very much around with us,” adding that residents of Oyo State must strictly adhere to safety protocols even during the Yuletide.

The advisory indicated that Oyo residents should, at this period, follow the direction of the state-sponsored advocacy on COVID-19, #Own Your Action, noting that responsible living and strict adherence to the guidelines will help the state to curtail the spread of the disease during the festive period.

A statement by Mr. Taiwo Adisa, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, indicated that the advisory by the EOC equally commended residents of the state for the efforts made so far in complying with the COVID-19 prevention measures in the state.

The statement read: “The State Government salutes the resilience and fortitude with which members of the public have carried themselves in spite of all the challenges faced in the year 2020. We believe as the year comes to an end, and another year is on the horizon, the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of the state will be actualised.

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“With this, it is expected that as responsible citizens of our dear state, we will continue to comply with the COVID-19 prevention measures in public places especially offices, shopping malls and outlets, schools, recreation centres and any location outside the homes.”

The statement warned that in light of the end of the year activities and forthcoming festivities, visitors and residents of the state would have to be responsible in organising social events, noting that all events must be organised in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

The government promised to continue to work assiduously to deliver on its promises to the citizens, noting, however, that residents should “share the joy and not the virus,” at the period.

“The reality of end of year social activities which involves traveling into and also within the state will soon commence with the festivities. This is to implore visitors and residents of the state to be wise and responsible in attending and organising social events in compliance with the state COVID-19 advisories.

“Thus, religious and community leaders, organisers of end of year programmes including children parties and concerts, as well as owners of recreational facilities, are to remember that the pandemic is ongoing, and to ensure the orderly conduct of their activities to prevent widespread infections in the State.

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“The government of Oyo State will continue to work assiduously to deliver on her promises to the citizens.

“Let’s make this a season to ‘spread the joy, not the virus,” the statement read, while wishing all residents happy celebrations.


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