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Alleged 1.2b travelling budget by Fayemi: PDP’s Season of Hallucination – Ekiti APC



The All Progressives Congress (APC),  Ekiti State chapter has described a press statement issued by the state branch of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in which it alleged that the state Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has budgeted the sum of 1.2b for his travelling expenses as the height of imbecility, adding that it has finally dragged itself into a level of shameless that will finally consume it and drive a wedge between it and the few members who still maintain any form of association with it.

Contained in a statement issued on Tuesday by the Director of Media and Publicity to the party, Mr. Sam Oluwana, the party wondered why a party will descend so low to attack an individual who is trying so hard to clean up the gargantuan mess it (PDP) has left behind after four years of looting and mis-rule.

On the allegation of the N1.2 billion travelling expenses, the APC spokesman said the statement did not come as a surprise.

“This is a party that was in the saddle for years in the state during which the people were pauperized to the extent of celebrating each time a ‘kongo of rice’ was served to them.

“In its four years of misrule in the state, the PDP, through its prodigal governor, Ayo Fayose, turned the state and the people to beggars that picked crumbs from the table of self-styled master, whose profligate and corrupt practices were of constant embarrassment to the people of the state and Nigerians who are familiar with his moral deficiency .

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“The present administration is just settling down to find a way of settling seven month unpaid salaries of civil servants, while contracts awarded in dubious circumstances are being corrected.

“According to reports in the debt management office, made available on its websites. Fayose took the debt profiles of the State from N30 billion in December 31, 2014 to N117.6 billion in December 31, 2017.

“This is a party that found it impossible to pay salaries of workers for 8 months even when it was N18,000, now accusing a state governor of not paying N30,000 minimum wage, which implementation has not commenced in any state in the country.

“Pretending that they are lovers of people, the party in the statement lamented that Dr. Fayemi should be shopping for funds to pay N30,000 minimum wage”, he said.

Oluwalana, who doubled as the SSA (Party Matters) to the Ekiti State Governor, in the statement wondered while PDP is crying more than the bereaved.

He continued, “were they involved in the decision by Dr. Fayemi to pay outstanding salaries/allowances left behind by the PDP government?, were they involved in the decision that led Dr. Fayemi to pay the outstanding pension left behind by the PDP government? Did they force him to increase the pension paid from N10 Million to 100 million Naira monthly.

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“During their four year of mis-rule, their master who was inept and ignorant of the workings of a government treated Ekiti people and its workers with scorn and indignity in a brazen manner.

“PDP lacks the moral justification and decency to now turn itself to an advocate of the masses, which they once abandoned and neglected.

“The Ekiti State 2019 budget, which is a total of N129.8billion does not in anywhere show travelling expenses of all workers as anywhere near N1.2billion. Like their stock in trade, they are bandying around fictitious figures. They have only succeeded in confusing themselves.

“The people of Ekiti State have come to appreciate Dr. Fayemi as a trust worthy, prudent and dignified personality who sees himself as servant of people unlike the former PDP governor, who lord it over the people and strust them like the master of manor for the four least years.

“It is as a result of his dignified and sensitive nature that endears him to his peers (fellow Governors) in the country that made them elect him as their Chairman.

“On the issue of SUBEB, the state lost over 2billion Naira during the regime of Fayose due to his refusal to pay the counterpart funds for the project but laundered 500milion Naira paid by Dr. Fayemi during his first term in office.
Few days after his resumption as the State Governor, the same PDP claimed that Dr. Fayemi collected 31 Billion Naira as Paris Fund, now the figure has been lowered to 11 Billion Naira, just like they have lowered their political value in the estimation of the people of state with their latest ranting.

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“Another claim that Dr. Fayemi increased his security votes to N250 Billion Naira can only be the thinking of deranged set of people with blocked brain that lack capacity to think rightly”, Oluwalana concluded




LG Caretaker Committee: PDP, Makinde Cannot Continue In Impunity – Oyo ALGON 




On illegal dissolution of Councils and State Independent Electoral Commissions,The Supreme Court recently held in *Oni & Ors V Governor of Ekiti State & Anor (2019) 5NWLR Part 1664, Pg [email protected]* that:

“The tenure of the Governor of a State under the 1999 constitution, as well as that of the legislature is 4 years. However, the constitution grants members of a State Independent Electoral Commission a tenure of 5 years. *It ought not to escape attention that the deliberate purpose of the constitution is to create an Electoral Commission, the lifespan of which exceeds those of both the Governor and the State Legislature. This is done with the view to create continuity and stability in the electoral process and governance. The same is done in relation to the State Civil Service Commission, and the State Judicial Service Commission. It is not the intendment of the constitution that the membership of the Commissions should change with the fortunes of the political parties in a state* ”

This emphatic pronouncement of the Supreme Court remains the law of our land, but it seems our Governor is fabricating his own law to contradict and despise our Supreme Court. The first action of the Governor upon being sworn in was to dissolve elected Local Government Councils, dissolve all statutory Commissions including OYSIEC, Civil Service Commission and Judicial Service Commission, among many others contrary to all existing laws. Is this the PDP interpretation of their obedience to the rule of law,.. by despising the Supreme Court and yet threatening to carry out more impunity? The PDP in a disingenuous attempt to justify illegality keep shooting themselves in the foot. While on one hand seeking to invalidate the Local Government elections on grounds that it was conduted in defiance of a non-existent court injunction, they claim to invalidate the election also by reason that it was conducted into both LGs and LCDAs. Such foolery calls one to ask them the question that if PDP claims to nullify by their “militarized decree” a valid election on the ground that it was held in 68 LGs and LCDAs (which they falsely claim is unconstitutional) rather than just 33 LGs, will it not be a fallacy for the same Governor to now be trying to illegally appoint caretakers to the LCDAs they claim elections ought not to have been conducted? If their claim is that LCDAs are unconstitutional, why dont they then cancel the LCDAs totally then if they are unconstitutional? Can they also appoint Caretaker Heads to the same allegedly unconstitutional LCDA they claim elections cannot be held? More importantly, has any court in Nigeria at any level declared any elected LCDA leadership in other states unconstitutional? The more questions we ask, the more their rascality becomes apparent. It is sad that for selfish and crude partisanship, this government applies selective interpretation to the same constitution it swore to uphold. Does it mean that what they claim is unconstitutional for APC will suddenly become constitutional for PDP? Such is the one chance bus parked in Agodi now.

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Interestingly at a recent outing by the Governor, while addressing members of the legal profession, he promised to abide by the laws of our land and obey the courts. Except this is a rethink of his position perhaps realizing he was speaking to a body of lawyers, the reality on ground is that the Governor has acted in total opposite of what he said and continues to threaten more disobedience to the courts. Today there is no law in Oyo State providing Caretaker appointments over Local Governments and any such act by the Governor or the House of Assembly is pure illegality. Further, the Supreme Court and the Oyo State High Court judgments have clearly set aside the regime of Caretakers, illegal dissolution of Councils and hostile takeovers of Local Councils by any sitting Governor. Is this the legacy this administration now seeks to bequeath on the state?

They take glee in referring to the former Governor Ajimobi as “Constituted Authority”, yet this incumbent Governor carries on with an “Unconstitutional Authority”, acting illegally, with his party the PDP, dancing on the shallow grave they have dug to bury our hard fought democracy, and our constitution. The Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Bisi Ilaka recently claimed the proposed Caretakers will only be ‘for a short while’. What a laughable admission of guilt. So to him, their short term illegality is preferred by this government to a tenured constitutional term provided elected Chairmen under our laws?…such a shame coming from the people we call leaders to defend our constitution. Let the usurpers note that under the NFIU financial guidelines issued on management of Local Government funds, a Caretaker Head (not being an elected Chairman, especially where a court has even declared such illegal as in Oyo State) is not constitutionally empowered to approve and deal with Council funds and any such proposed nominee shall face the whip of the law accordingly.

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It was President John Kennedy that said at a time of great disregard for law and court orders in his country, in 1962 that:
“.. *in a government of laws and not of men, no man, however prominent or powerful, and no mob however unruly or boisterous, is entitled to defy a court of law. If this country should ever reach the point where any man or group of men by force or threat of force could long defy the commands of our court and our Constitution, then no law would stand free from doubt, no judge would be sure of his writ, and no citizen would be safe from his neighbors* .” Let the Governor’s public speak align with his demostrated action. Acting contrary to a public claim of abiding with the rule of law,while continuing to act in disobedience to court judgments is being a hypocrite.

As recently as last week, the Supreme Court again reiterated their position that Caretakers are an anomaly and an unconstitutional illegality. The court described as “ *executive recklessness* ” the now rampant acts of governors dissolving democratically-elected local government councils in their states and replacing them with Caretaker Committees.

The court also nullified the provisions of the laws enacted by States’ Houses of Assembly empowering Governors to carry out such dissolution and replacing them with Caretaker Committees.

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This is regrettably the anarchy the Governor and House of Assembly want to unleash on us. We sound a note of warning on the Speaker and members of the Oyo State House of Assembly, the Attorney General of Oyo State (whose responsibility it is to properly advise and guide the government), and other state functionaries to cease and desist from their direct disobedience to an extant judgement of the Oyo State High court declaring Caretakers illegal and restraining the government from appointing any such Caretakers, even if the Governor is foisting the illegality on them because he has immunity under the law. We shall not fail to, among other legal steps we shall take, cite for contempt the Attorney General, members of the House, nominee Caretakers and any officer that carries out or conspires with the Governor to undermine the jurisdiction of our courts. We will continue to stand on the side of the law and with the Supreme Court in defending our constitution as decided in the cases quoted above. We remain resolute on the side of a permanent change in Oyo State from brigandage to constitutionality.



Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye
ALGON Chairman, Oyo State Chapter

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Makinde dares Oyo ALGON, forwards names of caretaker chairmen, sole administrators to House of Assembly



Oyo state governor, Engr Seyi Makinde is set for showdown with the state chapter of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) as he sent names of nominees for caretaker chairmen and sole administrators for local government areas and local government development areas, LCDAs to the State House of Assembly.

According to the information scooped from Oyoinsight, Governor Makinde  after putting finishing touches on the list, gave it to the secretary to the state government, Mrs Olubamiwo Adeosun, for onward transmission to the Oyo State House of Assembly.

The nominees, as learnt  are expected to be screened on Monday, 16th December as the lawmakers are expected to go on annual recess from 17th December.

Meanwhile, the Oyo ALGON led by Prince Abass Aleshinloye  recently described as an act of illegality, executive rascality and an affront to the judiciary and the rule of law, the plans of the Governor Makinde  to appoint caretaker chairmen and sole administrators to the 33 local government areas and 35 local council development areas of the state.

The council bosses said the plan is the Governors own way of breaking the peace and return the state to the old days of ‘panjere’ lawless politics of thuggery.

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The sacked chairmen during the press conference held in Ibadan, the state capital said Governor Makinde will be making history as the first governor to breach the NFIU guideline with the move.

The ALGON chairman, Aleshinloye, however said any attempt by the governor to impose the caretaker committees on the councils when the appeal the state government filed is yet tonne heard and a perpetual restraining order against dissolution of elected council administration is still subsisting, “will be considered as the final push that will exhaust out patience.

“We will be very ready to defend our mandates popularly given by the people who elected us into position of responsibility. You do not sit on a chair that is not vacant except court clears the seat for you or you take the seat by force, a recipe for violence and lawlessness.

“We, the elected chairmen and councillors as members of ALGON, Oyo state have been seeking all constitutional and peaceful means to correct this illegal act of Governor Makinde, but it is now very clear that the government has decided, out of its own volition, to be deaf and dumb to all voices of reason and wisdom in its flagrant disobedience of court order and it is in an hurry to push Oyo state into a state of anomie, a lawless state where the rule of men not rule of law reigns.

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“ALGON has resolved at our last meeting that in the event of an invasion of the Council secretariats by the Seyi Makinde Forces of Occupation, we will be more than ready to defend the councils and the sanctity of the people’s mandate freely given to us”.



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PDP Advises Buhari To Put His House In Order




The opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to put his house in order, stressing that the public outburst by First Lady, Aisha Buhari, was another signal that the state house is in crisis.

Mrs Buhari had on Wednesday in a statement, accused Mr Garba Shehu, the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity of shifting his loyalty from President Buhari, to those she labelled have no stake in governance.

She said Shehu  has gone beyond his boundaries and is “meddling in the affairs of a First Lady of a country.”

According to the PDP, the development showed that governance has failed in the president’s hands.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, the PDP  further submitted  “that the governance of our nation has been ceded to the chaotic and selfish whims of a cabal.”

The party added that the “Buhari Presidency has continued to serve Nigerians and the international community with tragicomedies that make mockery of leadership.

“Nigerians can now further see why nothing works under the Buhari Presidency; why the administration has remained shambolic and plagued with policy summersaults and executive recklessness; why our economy has
remained comatose and why our nation has been dangerously drifting to the brinks under President Buhari’s watch.”

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The Party decried that since the history of the country, the essence and symbol of Nigeria’s Presidency has never been so stripped and ridiculed.

“The PDP urges President Buhari to immediately put his house in order and
save our nation further embarrassments under his very incompetent disorderly and messy regime.”

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