Show me the money! Developing your ‘e- instincts’.

Make it or spend it!

AMONG several things that stand between a man and his dream, the most rated is Money. You either have it or it has you. Without money you wander in the sea of wants, languish in the valley of desire and probably buried in the land of desperation. Whatever you say, about it good or bad, the presence or absence of it in your hand determines the quality of life you enjoy.

Its power is great enough to wake millions of people every day to set out early and engage in some kind of activities with the hope that money would be the reward.

Money!!! Have it or hate it! Interestingly, many people desire and talk about making money with a great plan to spend it. There are only few people with a plan to make money. Oh! “That is not really true .”  So many people have a plan to make money: the unemployed seek employment, the employee works hard for the salary and hope for a raise or promotion, the pensioner invests his gratuity, then comes the great believer in lottery and the list goes on.

Hmm…. take a flip look at their plans again. How many unemployed eventually have a good job? There are employees who hardly have a thing to show for their meritorious service years and how quickly does the pensioners’ investment collapse then he is back to nothingness? Money!!! Make it or spend it!

Let’s save the eulogy for a while and look at the real issue behind making money. It may seem you have a great plan to make money so you fire your boss and hire yourself – start a business and hope to smile to the bank in a few months. The truth be told, it’s not always like that. However, what is firstly and mostly needed in making money is not a business but “e-instincts,”

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that is, Entrepreneurial Instincts or Business Instincts.
‘E -instincts’: It is the ability to tap needs, initiate a process to fill it and manage it for profit. Every day you walk around the town but you may be selfish enough to have your eyes closed to the needs you can fill. These needs are pointers to what you can do to make money. Find a need around you and a way to fill it, and then demand to be rewarded for it.

Funny enough, you don’t even have to do it yourself – find someone to do it and still get your reward. This is an honest way to start making money and that is the ABC of business. Just putting up a business without capturing a need to fill is like having a driver’s license without a car – this is what most people do.

This instincts is what swindlers use to capture their victim and politicians use to sway their supporters, though derogatory as it sounds, everyone who desires profit must develop his or her instincts to a level that it is strong and swift enough to find peoples’ need and turn himself to the solution. Money is not in space but with people and they are eager to spend it to fill their needs; that’s where you should come in.

Everyone has instincts. Some spend money according to their instincts and the reward is pleasure. Those who make money use their instincts too but the reward is profit – that is Entrepreneurial Instincts. If you haven’t developed yours, you really don’t have any business going into business yet. You don’t even need a defined business to make money, what you need is a defined mind to engage in activities that will be honest and financially rewarding.

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So when you wake up in the morning, open your eyes to see needs you can fill and task your brain to create a path to profit.

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