Olubadan’s Palace Attack And A Call For Truce

ONE of the reverberating consequences of the Oyo state government/Olubadan face off manifested itself in form of violent attacks on the Olubadan’s palace on Monday, September 25, 2017. The incident coincided with the occasion of the installation of some Baales and Mogajis by the Olubadan.

Prior to this development,there was a stiff opposition from the state government and the newly crowned Obas, who are still subordinate to Olubadan, on the impropriety of carrying out the installation without due approval from the government and Obas in council as stakeholders. Albeit, no live was lost.

Perhaps it was the handiwork of some overzealous guys from either of the two sides who had wanted to impress their paymaster and as a show of absolute loyalty, nobody knows. It can be reasonably infered that this scenario constitute a partial setback to the peace and tranquility in the state.There is no doubt, sustenance of peace and orderliness in Oyo state through the provision of good and efficient security is the flagship of the present administration in Oyo state.

The government laboured hard to secure this peace and tranquility as opposed to the laiz faire attitudes of the past afministrations that only paid lip service to this important area.

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Irked by this ugly development and with an intent to guard jealously the prevalent peace in the state, Governor Abiola Ajimobi condemned the incident in unequivocal terms. He pointed accusing finger to the opposition camp as the sponsor of the malevolent act.

He specifically linked the leader of opposition in the state, Sen. Rashidi Ladoja with the unfortunate incident. He enthused that his inference was based on Ladoja’s antecedents and exploits on similar matters in the past.There was a counter allegation from Sen. Rashidi  Ladoja to the effect that the Oyo state government should be held responsible for the dastardly act.

Up till now, no single arrest has been made on this matter. But, it is gladdening to note that peace has since returned to the area and police has stepped in.

It is worth asserting here that nobody stands to benefit positively from violence.The trajectory partisan dimension which the present face-off has assumed is worrisome and regrettable. Unfortunately, the impasse has snowballed into an orgy of violence, the end of which nobody can predict. It is pertinent to say that the Ibadan elders should resume the peace moves not minding insinuations of smear and blackmail if only to arrest this ugly trend of violence that may lead to carnage.

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The sordid fact that the matter is in the law court for adjudication is not a sufficient reason or excuse for the elders in the town to remain indifferent and maintain superfluous passivity.Their continued non-intervention has given the evil doers and some unpatriotic political jobbers on both sides the freedom and liberty to execute their private diabolical missions and agenda.

It is nauseating to observe that drums of war are being beaten on daily basis with provocative interpretations from both camps. And, this portends serious danger and threat to the prevalent peace in Ibadan land. Afterall, “malicious songs precedes a serious rebellion and battle.”

Pending the amicable resolution of this crisis, the peace makers should bar both sides from making press releases with the significant objective of safeguarding the job of the peace and reconciliation committee.This peace initiative should be all encompassing.Out of the court settlement move should be explored and pursued to the logical conclusion.

Furthermore, the Obas in council should be reconciled with the Olubadan with a view to moving the town forward.The present ugly and unabating impasse has heated the state polity to an embarrassing level, thus, rendering it vulnerable to undue and unsolicited security surveillance.

While praising the Governor for his level headedness and maturity on this matter, he should sustain the tempo of this prevailing magnanimity until the matter is finally disposed off. Also, Olubadan should exercise restraints and discourage partisan colourations of this matter by the scores of political jobbers who troops into his palace on daily basis.

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Akeem Adebiyi writes from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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