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Ayinla Omowura: The Gnome That Refuse to Die



He was murdered four decades ago by his ally and Band Manager, Fatai Bayewumi, Late Alhaji Waidi Ayinla Omowura is unarguably one of the few indigenous Nigerian musicians with soaring popularity after their exit. Ayinla’s music laced with philosophical lyricism keeps enjoying acceptability and high rating till now.

As part of activities marking the 4Oth Anniversary of his tragic death, a prolific writer, Dr. Festus Adedayo, assisted by the duo of Waheed Ganiyu and Idris Oderinde has written a biography to celebrate the Apala maestro.

A seasoned journalist, columnist and media consultant; Adedayo has about 20 years of experience, which cuts across journalism, research and public communication. He is known in the Nigerian public arena as a public commentator with an acerbic pen and a writer with disdain for injustice and social disorder.

Titled ‘ Ayinla Omowura: Life And Times Of Apala Legend, the book of about 600 pages reveals many untold stories about Omowura. According to the author: ‘ the book, not strictly a hagiography on Omowura’. Invariably, it is a combination of the good, bad and ugly sides of Anigilaje Ayinla.

The literature, due for launch by May contains chapters like, Apala: Roots and Beginning; Ayinla’s Rough Years; Ayinla, The Family Man; Ayinla’s Iconic Years(1970-1980); Day Oloburo Was Murdered; Ayinla And His Music and Apala After The Oloburo. Foreword and Afterword were written by two sociologist, anthropologist and Africanist scholars, Professors Ebenezer Obadare of the University of Kansas and Wale Adebanwi, University of Oxford. The book will be available for sale from May 6, 2020

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It will be recalled that Alhaji Ayinla Omowura, 47, lost his life in an Abeokuta bar-room brawl on May 6, 1980.



Healing is here As Sean Dampte’s timely hit ‘Adura’ debuts




Previous months have been devastating throughout the world. Thankfully, the world may have just been saved by a Nigerian ‘prayer’.

Plagued by what appears to be a precursor to the apocalypse, the earth may have just found longlasting respite as Nigerian singer, Sean Dampte, signed to Savage Music Limited, offers a melodious prayer in this new tune titled ‘Adura’, which is currently going viral just as wildfire.

According to the sensational act, ‘Adura’, a language spoken among the Yoruba in the Western part of Nigeria, which means Prayer, projects a feel-good, groovy swirl of Afrobeat and Pop, served on a genius instrumental with elements of reggae, more reason why a lot of people couldn’t do without the tune.

Echoing its way through the fans’ senses, this prayer for life, money and happiness by hitmaker, Sean Dampte reminds one of the need to stand firm in our hearts as our bodies pay obeisance to the rhythm of ‘Adura’.

A part of the lyrics resonates upliftment and hope. “Adura gbemisoke.. loke loke..” suggests a lifting up from the depths of worry, and a projection into the light.

Speaking further, the Awoodah General, as he is fondly called, expressed that the song came at the right time to rescue the world.

More so, listening to the tune, one would find oneself smiling ever so often as the lyrics of the Awoodah General resonates through the listener’s spirit.

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Another replay is one of many feelings this song elicits as you approach the final seconds of the awesome number. The track Audra is available on all digital platforms! Have a listen and join in the ‘Adura’ that the world needs desperately right now.

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The Dr Of Theatre | By Tunde Busari



Efunsetan, Iya Alakara, Ayoni, Ijewuru, Aina, Jinadu, Ewejoko. These are stage names. And these stage names have one name in common. The name is Isola Ogunsola!

Isola Ogunsola, the Ogun State-born was a theatre art practitioner whose own stage name is Dr I-Show Pepper. He died on December 28, 1992. That is approximately 28 years ago.

Disappointingly, a little is talked about him, despise his verifiable contributions to the growth of make-believe industry in Nigeria. He was one of old generation of artistes who laboured hard and planted the seed, fruit of which is being harvested today.

One tragedy of regular exchanges of punches by the living artistes over associations and factions, is distraction to which they are subjected in initiating enduring schemes which would outlive their generation.

One of the legacies they ought to struggle to build, instead of trading of words, is to institute a programme which will make remembrance of their late colleagues a permanent feature in their industry.

Yes, I-Show Pepper is gone and resting forever, who knows who goes next from this morning? While I’m wishing the living long life and prosperous career, I must, however, not deny them the truth that death is sacrosanct, a debt we all owe our creator. Therefore, it’s not a matter of prayers or curse, we are all returning to dust, only that no one knows the exact hour the cock would crow.

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I-Show Pepper’s family too is equally culpable for not blowing the trumpet left behind by their father who made indelible marks as a fine thespian gifted with skills which made theatre much fascinating to many. When he sang, he did with passion and finesse; when he danced, he danced effortlessly with alluring steps and flexibility.

No wonder majority of actors belong to the ‘elite’ class of polygamists. No sane person should blame them for this because they are helpless and can’t afford to run away from that reality. All a actor requires is just a casual wink to one whose heart is already in vibration, in fasting and vigil mode for such opportunity to have the admirable character doing those stunning displays on stage. The rest will be history.

I-Show Pepper had and left wives behind, sadly, two of them-Iya Alakara and lately Ijewuru-have joined him in terrestrial realm. May husband and wives rest peacefully. Olusola domo ayo, ere o, la n fomo ayo o seee.

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Majek Fashek: Nigerian reggae lord dies aged 57  in New York 



Nigerian reggae lord, Majekodunmi Ifakiisheeke popularly known as Majek Fashek, who helped bring African music through his reggae, rock genres to world audiences with hits like Prisoner of Conscience, which included the multiple award-winning single “Send Down the Rain” has died in New York.

The legend, aged 57,   was born March 7, 1963  in Benin City to an Edo Old Bendel State mother and a Ijesha father and died June 2, 2020.

It was reliably gathered that the singer songwriter and guitarist died after battling with cancer for almost a year.

Fashek’s manager, Uzoma Day Omenka who confirmed the sad news on the singer’s Instagram page on Tuesday morning disclosed that he died 11.45 pm June 1, 2020, Nigerian time.

According to him, the ‘Rainmaker’ died in New York,  where he was  receiving treatment and not  in London. The manager added  that the doctors advised he should be moved close to his family, which informed his being moved to New York where his wife and children live.

Uzoma informed that the singer,  Majek was separated from his family for 10 years until last year September when he reunited with them on the advice of his doctors.

“We moved him from London to New York last September on the advice of the doctors that he should stay close to the family. Majek reunited with his family last year after 10 years of separation. He died in their company, ” he added.

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 Fashek worked with various artists worldwide including Tracy ChapmanJimmy CliffMichael JacksonSnoop Dogg, and Beyoncé.

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